Create Professional Product Listings for E-commerce: Beginners’ Guide

Summary: This is a post sharing how to create a professional product listing to attract customers and get high conversions to boost your e-commerce.

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To boost your e-commerce business, you need to plan ahead and pay attention to your e-commerce store layouts, especially the product listing. Usually, an effective product listing plays a crucial role in maximizing sales and increasing customer loyalty on your e-commerce store or website.

In this blog, we will discuss the basics of product listing in e-commerce management, including its essence, basic requirements of product listing, successful e-commerce website examples, and how to make well-crafted product listing with things out of the e-commerce platform setups. Let’s get started!

What is Product Listing in E-Commerce?

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First of all, product listing is one of the important components of e-commerce business management, referring to the whole process of making and releasing your products on the e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify.

Every e-commerce store owner should pay attention to the product listing because it can have a great impact on website visibility, customer engagement, customer loyalty ratings, and even sales.

Plus, a product listing not only offers a list of items and products you offer in your website store, but also involves product descriptions, product photography, price information, keywords optimizations for high ranking in the e-commerce platform, and other e-commerce marketing practices to attract customers and drive more traffic and sales.

Essential Requirements for Effective Product Listing Management

Because of its importance, every e-commerce platform has its own requirements for product listing if you want to acquire high rankings and recommendations. Below we will share the common 5 product listing requirements for you. Keep reading.

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1. High-Quality Product Image

This is what’s the most important part you should pay attention to because customers are usually attracted by the first glance of a product. Thus, you need to use the images in high resolution from different angles.

Often, you need to make sure you have the product presentation images with white backgrounds to increase customer engagement. What’s more, detailed product images are welcome to showcase your product features directly.

2. Detailed Product Information

To help your customers know everything about your products, such as material, dimensions, and some specifications, you need to list out right on the product information page for customers to check out.

3. Compelling Product Titles and Descriptions

Besides product images, the title and descriptions of your product will come along to be presented on the search result page on the e-commerce platforms. Thus, you need to have a detailed and compelling title to attract customers to click on your products.

4. Competitive Product Price

Customers also care about the product price and whether they are affordable. Besides offering high-quality products, you should give a competitive price for your products, unless you are sure you have the best products of all time among your e-commerce rivals or competitors.

5. Relevant Keywords

What determines whether your products will be listed on the first page when customers search for something they need is the product keywords you give to the e-commerce platforms. Thus, you need to use relevant and popular keywords in your product listing.

Stills, there are many other product listing requirements you should follow to boost your sales like shipping policy, customer reviews, and whatever. Just remember to follow them and increase the purchase conversions!

Get Inspired by a Successful Product Listing Example

maybelline shopping lipstick homepage on amazon

Aside from the fact that Maybelline itself is a very successful cosmetics brand, his product listing is also very worth learning from. First of all, it has a wide coverage of search terms and is able to be on the top of the display page for many search terms about "lipstick". Thus, you need to make sure that the keywords you upload to the e-commerce platform are many and that they are the likely target search terms for your customers.

The product images are displayed comprehensively. First of all, Maybelline's product images comply with the Amazon platform's specifications, all in white as the product image background. Then the most intuitive details are shown with enlarged product images while showing the actual effect of using the product in different situations.

Make discounts on price. No matter what time of year it is, consumers expect a great experience at a great price. So, you have to use discount marketing strategies to tell your consumers that you are having a sale and that now is the best time to buy your products to stimulate spending.

Detailed product information is displayed, including safety information, directions, ingredients, etc. It also displays high-quality user reviews and online celebrity videos to convey the message "my product is very popular" to consumers.

Start Your own Practice with Fotor’s Professional E-Commerce Design Tools

In product listing, apart from the relatively uncontrollable big data recommendation and keyword optimization, product image, especially the detail image is something you can grasp firmly to attract consumers to promote overall sale performance because product image marketing is also an important way to boost your e-commerce business. To have the best product image and detail image, you can use image processing tools to help you.

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Create professional product photography with Fotor, including background, color, size, and much more.

Plus, Fotor, a professional design platform, offers bunks of product photography templates.

From your new arrivals to the best sellings, you'll be covered!

Deisgn Product Listing Now

Besides creating professional product photogarphy for amazing product listing on the e-commerce platform, including adding white background to product images, resizing product pics, and much more, you can get everything done perfectly with Fotor. As a popular image brand, Fotor can provide you with powerful image processing tools and professional e-commerce-related product image templates. Whether you are an experienced product image designer or not, you can use Fotor, an image processing and design platform, to help you get the range of product images you need.

1. Product Headers

When you are promoting a series of products, you make use of the headers to present your best-selling or popular products in your e-commerce store. There are many well-made product promotion headers for you to use directly in Fotor.

Red Lipstick Banner Ads

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Summer Sunglasses Sale

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2. Product Medium Ads

Sometimes, you can use Fotor's medium ads products to poster your sales or introducing your new arrivals on the e-commerce websites so that your cutsomers will see it at the very first glance when entering your online store. Check Fotor's templates below.

Pink Gradient Aesthetic Photo Collage Product New Collection

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3. Product Collages

You can use Fotor's product photo collage templates to showcase the full range of your product's features or application effects, allowing your consumers to see the variety of possibilities of your products. Fotor provides you with a number of templates that you can use straight away. Click and start using them!

White Modern Women's Clothes Online Fashion Store
New Arrival Jewelry Sale Promotion Branding Post
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Soft Green Clean Mother's Day Promotion

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In this blog, we have shared what is product listing and how important it is in e-commerce. And there are many product listing requirements on the e-commerce platform to get well-crafted product listings if you want to get more exposure and recommendation. Apart from the uncontrollable product listing components, you can take control of product image marketing by creating eye-catching advertising images. Hope you find this blog helpful!