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Remove People From Photos Online in Seconds

With Fotor’s AI object remover, you can instantly remove people from photos as if they were never there.

Never let unwanted people ruin your perfect shot again.

Remove people from photos online in seconds with Fotor's AI photo object remover tool
Use Fotor's free online AI object remover tool to automatically remove unwanted people from a surf photo

Automatically Remove Person From Photo With AI

Using Photoshop to edit someone out of a picture takes a lot of time and skill. With Fotor’s object remover tool, the whole removal process can be completed within seconds. Powered by AI technology, Fotor can automatically identify people in your photo and remove them from the background without leaving a trace. Using Fotor, you can easily erase people from pictures like a pro!

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Accurately remove a person from a complex photo background with Fotor

Remove People From Backgrounds Like They Never Existed

You can always expect high-quality outcomes with Fotor. Not only does Fotor accurately remove people from background, but it also recreates the background details behind them, making it appear as if the people never existed. Additionally, Fotor keeps the original quality of the image, so you won't notice any reduction in resolution or visible pixels. Removing people from photos was never easier.

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Use Fotor to remove text and unwanted objects from photos easily

More Than Just Erase People From Pictures

You can do so much more than just erase people from photos. Fotor’s object remover tool gives you the ability to easily remove any unwanted objects from photos, such as watermarks, text, logos, powerlines, trash cans, and other distracting items you want. Make the most of Fotor now to quickly clean up pictures and highlight the subjects in your photos!

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