Video Clearer

Fix blurriness and make video clearer online easily and quickly. Let Fotor transform your clip with clarity like magic!

Use fotor ai video clearer to make three different types of blurry videos clearer

AI-Powered Video Clearer

Powerful than ever, Fotor allows you to remove blur from video online for free via an easier, faster, and more intuitive way: AI video clearer. Say goodbye to manually adjusting settings in the video editor or software, and seamlessly utilize advanced algorithms to solve video blurry issues in seconds while achieving premium results. Pre-trained by thousands of clips, our tool also works amazingly and sharpens video quality of various types, including portraits, landscapes, products, presentations, and more.

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Transform the blurry couple video into clearer one using fotor

Fix Blurry Video for Clearer Visuals

Restore and make your old video clearer without fuss, even if it was recorded decades ago. Fotor allows you to unblur video to get rid of blurriness and achieve better clarity and resolution with ease. Upload, and witness the magic transformation from blurry to clear video quality. Try out our video blur remover and effortlessly bring your precious moment back to life!

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Correct video color and brightness and saturation to make video clear using fotor

Automatically Balance Video Color and Brightness for Superior Results

For those footages recorded in inadequate lighting conditions, they may appear blurry, lack sharpness, and most importantly, tend to lose their true colors. Never worry, Fotor will help to fix all these issues in one go. Upload your night scene video, and our AI video clearer will automate all the processes in seconds, including blurriness removal, color correction, brightness balance, and saturation adjustment. All these procedures are done to enhance video clarity, make it look vibrant, and relive its true color with superior results.

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Make female portrait video clear in fotor ai video clearer without losing detail quality

Bring Clear Video Quality to Details, Too

Amazingly, Fotor guarantees detailed effects while making your video look clearer. Whether it’s for the flowing hair, flower stamen, building lines and edges, or billboard text, every detail of your video will be restored and corrected with hyper clarity. Let our video sharpener take your video detail to the next level with crystal-clear quality!

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