18 Birthday Video Ideas for a Brilliant Birthday

Summary: In this blog, we'll share 18 birthday video ideas and tips on how to make a great birthday video. Get inspired with how to prepare big surprise and get your friends touched on his birthday.

birthday video ideas

Tips for Making a Birthday Video that Reaches More Likes

Before we dive into the birthday video ideas, let's take a minute to talk about what makes a good birthday video. After all, you want the audience to enjoy the video the same as you like it. Follow these simple tips for dazzling birthday video creation:

1. Ask Friends and Family for Help

When you collect the footage for your birthday video, ask friends and family to check their camera rolls for photos and video clips. Since they might capture candid moments which can present your daily life and personality. Or you can ask them to record a video to share their heartfelt words and warming wishes for you.

2. Start With a Template

No need to rack your brains to make a video from scratch. With an online video maker, you can easily reuse the wonderful video templates from others and edit it for personal use. Just search and add video templates to your timeline, and edit the captions, background music, transition effects, etc.

3. Don't Worry If You Only Have Pictures

Even if photographs are your primary resource, don't worry. Transform them into a captivating video by thoughtfully arranging each image along your video timeline, chronologically ordered by the year captured. To enhance the visual storytelling and make your picture collage stand out, incorporate eye-catching transitions, animated text, and a variety of special effects.

4. Background Music is the Soul

Don't forget to meticulously select an audio file that complements the mood and theme of your video. Choose a tune that resonates with the birthday person's taste or a song that holds special meaning to both of you. Ensure the tempo matches the pace of your video – upbeat for lively moments, mellow for sentimental reflections. Remember, the right music can evoke emotions and elevate the overall impact of your video narrative.

5. Personal and Unique

What makes your birthday video stand out from others? That's its uniqueness. Try to personlize it with a wide range of colors, fonts, animations, transistions, and effects.

18 Birthday Video Ideas to Make This Birthday Memorable and Different

Gift Unboxing

Capture the excitement and surprise as the birthday person unwraps each present. This can be a fun and interactive segment, especially if you've coordinated with friends and family to send gifts at specific times or have arranged a treasure hunt leading to the final gift – the video itself!

Quick Quiz & Answers

Create a light-hearted quiz segment where close friends and family members answer questions about the birthday person. These could range from favorite foods, embarrassing moments, to more personal trivia known only to the inner circle. Intersperse the questions with funny clips or photos relevant to each query, and end the segment with the birthday individual providing the correct answers or reacting to the responses. This can add a playful and interactive element to the video.

Birthday Party Invites

How a great birthday could be without a birthday party? Before your special day,extend invitations to all your friends and family. Enhance the occasion by capturing a video montage featuring their creative 'Outfit of the Day' (OOTD) choices at your gathering. Encourage them to share the inspiration behind their stylish ensembles, making it a unique and interactive experience for all.

Travel Through Time

Use special effects to create a video where the birthday person travels through time, visiting different eras or reliving significant moments in their life. This can be an adventure trip in prehistoric times, a sunlight basking in mid-century street, or a funny face-to-face conversation with historical figures.

Green Screen Magic

Use a green screen to transport the birthday person to different locations. You can take them on a whirlwind tour of their dream destinations, from the serene beaches of Bali to the bustling streets of Tokyo, or even atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris. To help you achieve stunning effects, try to use Fotor's online green screen video editor. Just upload your green screen video, and Fotor will automatically remove the green screen and replace it with your preferred occasion.

remove green screen and add a sea beach background to a woman video

Time Capsule Montage

Create a video to include every crucial moment from birth to present. Collect pictures, video clips, and even the photographs of old objects. The background audio can be warming narration or congratulations from relatives and friends. This can help you to build a story with complete timelines to display your growth paths and beautiful moments.

Record a Blessing Compilation

Use the power of social media to request birthday greetings in advance via video or voice from your family, friends, and even people around the world, and edit them into a colorful global greetings collection to showcase the fusion of cultures and emotions from different regions.

Theme-Based Short Film

Shoot a short film or music video based on the birthday person's interests or dreams (such as movies, travel, music, etc.). It can be imitating classic movie scenes, creating a dedicated song MV, or a creative plot around a specific theme, making the birthday a day to realize dreams.

Animated Storytelling

Want to add something special to your birthday video? If technology allows, you can create a stop-motion or 2D/3D animated short film that tells a fun adventure story with the birthday boy or girl as the protagonist, incorporating his or her personal characteristics and preferences to create a unique visual experience.

Letter Recitation

Invite important people in the birthday person’s life, such as family, friends, mentors, etc. Ask each of them to record a message of congratulations or share unforgettable memories with the birthday person. Then edit these recordings into a video, and show their photos with the birthday person or related items to create a warm and touching atmosphere.

Look to Future

The video content should not be restricted to present or previous times. Try to think more creatively: Encourage the birthday person or people around to imagine their life vision for the next five, ten or even further years, and record it through interviews. In addition, you can use creative visual effects, such as VR technology to preview "future life".

Conversations Young to Old

From the elderly to infants, interview them in reverse order of age about their views on life and the advice they would give to the birthday person. This can form a unique "collection of life wisdom" that is both interesting and philosophical, allowing the birthday person to gain insights into life at different ages on their birthday.

Talent Show

Organize a small online or offline talent show, invite friends and family to perform their own specialties, and record these talent show clips as birthday gifts. They can be singing and dancing, magic, recitation, etc., to show everyone's love and blessings to the birthday person.

DIY Special Effects

The effects on a video editor are convenient and easy to use, but why not create special effects by yourself? Try to use everything in daily life to diy special effects. This can create fun and whimsical visuals to birthday video.

Write Acrostic Name Poems

Before you start writing, make a list of words or phrases to help guide you. Jot them down on a whiteboard or a separate sheet of paper. Try to think of lots and lots of words. If you later find yourself stuck, this list will give you ideas to keep going. Include things like how the person acts (like being funny or kind), how they look (tall, curly hair), what they love most (puppies, pizza), or any other words that paint a picture of who they are.

Make a Wish List

Birthday is the best time to make a wish. Why not make a to do list to include all your wishes in the coming year? It can be a trip to your favorite country, a livehouse or concert of your favorite singer, or just climbing mountains to watch a romantic sunset or sunrise with someone you loved.

Song Lyrics Swap

Now let's try something funny. Choose one of the birthday person's favorite songs and change some lyrics of it. Don't need to record the whole song, just pick a song clip and incorporate fun memories sharing with the birthday person, or an interesting joke, or compose a medley using lyrics from hot songs.

GIF Birthday Card

Creating a GIF Birthday Card is a fun and creative way to celebrate someone's special day. First, decide on the overall theme of your GIF card. It could be based on their favorite hobby, movie, inside joke, or anything that resonates with their personality. Next, gather images, icons, or short video clips that fit your chosen theme. Finally, simplify this process with an online video maker.

How to Edit a Birthday Video Online?

We've already shared 18 birthday video ideas above. But if you're wondering how to arrange every footage properly, look at Fotor's video editor, which transforms the process into an effortless and imaginative endeavor with just a few simple clicks.

It has an extensive collection of stock media resources. Need a captivating intro to hook viewers? Want to pick a tune that perfectly matches your video's mood? Or perhaps you wish to include captions to clarify your narrative? Just select and customize these elements to suit your vision.

Here's how to edit a video on Fotor:

edit white horse video on fotor video editor

1. If you have recorded birthday video footage in advance, just upload all of your video files to our video editor. Also, you can upload images, as it supports various image file formats.

2. Edit your video on the timeline, and crop, trim, and rotate it like a pro. Add your video with text, stickers, effects, filters and transitions from our stock media to enhance your video.

3. Select music from our audio library or upload your own tracks to enrich your video. Then, choose the preferred voiceover from our library to give your video a personal feel.

4. Review your birthday video, and click the "Save" and "Export" buttons to store your video in the cloud. And download the video to your device or share it on your preferred social media platforms.

Final Thoughts

Choose the birthday video ideas you really like and use our video editor to create a special video message for your loved ones. Show them how much you love and appreciate them by including their best memories in the video.They'll surely enjoy every part of it.