Auto Video Color Correction

Elevate your video's appearance with authentic colors! Try Fotor AI-powered FREE Online Auto Color Correction. It effortlessly enhances your video quality by automatically adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, and exposure for a stunning result.

Video color correction makes the parrot look more vibrant

How to Color Correct Your Videos Online

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Transform Your Videos with Fotor's Auto Color Corrector for Stunning Colors

The original colors of the landscape footage
The colors of the landscape footage after color correction

Explore Fotor's free online video color correction tool for delivering stunning results effortlessly. Simply upload your file, and with just one click, watch as Fotor brings out the true colors in your video, Say goodbye to color issues and hello to professional-quality visuals with Fotor Auto Color Correct —all without the need for downloading any software.

Video color correction makes the portrait of the girl look more lively

Correct Colors Automatically with AI

Experience the innovative power of Fotor's AI-driven automatic video color correction, which effortlessly identifies and rectifies color issues. Understanding the critical role of colors in video quality, our tool adjusts saturation to enhance vibrancy or subtlety, tailored to your aesthetic preferences. Elevate your visuals with balanced saturation, creating captivating and vibrant experiences. Discover how Fotor simplifies color correction like never before!

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AI automatically adjusts the color effect of the seascape video

Achieve Perfect Color Balance Instantly With Just One Click

Fotor's online video color corrector automatically balances colors and eliminates color casts to enhance clarity and vibrancy. It corrects any color cast by adjusting the white balance, ensuring whites are true and neutral colors are precise. Additionally, it fine-tunes the overall color balance of the video by adjusting highlights, midtones, and shadows to achieve your desired aesthetic.

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AI automatically enhances the brightness of the girls video to improve the color effect of the video

Fix Video Brightness in Seconds

Exposure and contrast are key factors in determining the color quality of a video, as lighting conditions can unexpectedly alter its brightness. Rather than reshooting, effortlessly refine your video to its intended appearance using our auto color correction tool, which adjusts brightness seamlessly. Achieve balanced brightness by ensuring optimal exposure and enhancing the overall tonal range through contrast correction. Brightening dark videos is now effortless with our tool.

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Why Use Fotor Online Color Corrector

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Streamlined and user-friendly, enabling quick and efficient color correction with AI. With just one click, bring vibrant colors to your videos instantly.

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Enhance video color effortlessly with Fotor, supporting a variety of popular file formats including MP4, AVI, WebM, HEVC, and MOV.

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Access our video color correction tool online or on your mobile device. Enhance your video quality anytime, anywhere!

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No Software Installation

No need to download or install any software. Experience Fotor's online video color correction service hassle-free.

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