Instantly Add Date to Photo Online for Free

Easily add date to photo with Fotor’s free online photo date stamper.

Batch timestamping photos is also available.

Add date to photo with Fotor's free online photo date stamper easily
Timestamp photos with various photo date stamp formats

Timestamp Photos In Real Time

Putting dates on photos makes it easy to organize photos and keep track of when they were taken. With Fotor’s free online photo date stamper, you can add a date stamp to a photo already taken in seconds. Simply upload your photos, set the desired time or date stamp, and with just one click, you’ll have your photo date stamped. If you’d like, you can use Fotor to add a location stamp, logo stamp, signature stamp, captions, custom messages and more.

Add Date to Photo Now
Easily customize photo date stamp formats

Customize Photo Date Stamp Formats to Suit Your Needs

Fotor’s free online photo date stamper gives you the ability to adjust the format of the date stamp to make it more personalized and creative. With a wide range of stylish font styles, you can easily find a text combination that matches the aesthetic and themes of your photo. Additionally, you can change the size, colors, opacity, and position of the date stamp to make it better fit your photo. It’s easy to customize your date stamp however you like with Fotor’s photo date editor.

Add Date to Photo Now
Batch date stamp photos at once with Fotor's photo date stamper

Batch Date Stamp Photos At Once

Need to add a date stamp on a bunch of photos? Fotor's photo date stamper lets you batch add time and date to photos, and download them in batches with just one click. It supports up to 50 photo uploads at one time, and there are nine preset datestamp positions for you to choose from. The convenience of batch processing saves you the headache of date stamping photos one by one. Try it out now. You can process thousands of photos with no effort!

Add Date to Photo Now
Easy to remove date stamp from photo at any time with Fotor

Easy to Remove Date Stamp From Photo at Any Time

Fotor’s photo date stamper isn’t just great for adding date to photo. You can also use it to remove date from photos. All you have to do is mark the date and time stamp on the photo, and Fotor will automatically erase it from the photo. Powered by AI technology, the result will be both fast and accurate. Moreover, you can use Fotor to remove unwanted objects from photos within seconds. Easily remove people, text, watermarks, and other distracting elements from photos.

Add Date to Photo Now
Fotor's photo date stamper interface

How to Timestamp a Photo?

  • Fotor's free online photo date stamper makes adding time and date stamps to photos simple and easy. Firstly, open Fotor, and upload a photo you want to add a timestamp to.
  • Select the "Text" option from the menu on the left. This will bring up a text box on the photo.
  • Just click the text box, add the date and time of the photo, and you're done! You can also change the layout, size, colors, fonts, transparency, and more of the date stamp.
  • When you're finished time stamping your photo, save and download your timestamped photo in high-resolution JPG or PNG image file.
Add Date to Photo Now

Add Date to Photo with Fotor’s Photo Date Stamper Now

Add Date to Photo Now