4K Image Upscaler

With our 4k image upscaler, you can automatically upscale images to 4k resolution without losing quality. Enhance image quality in seconds with free AI image upscaler of Fotor.

Comparison woman photo of before and after enhancement with 4k image upscaler
Enhance photo quality automatically with 4k image upscaler of fotor

Upscale Image to 4K with Single Click and No Quality Lose

No more struggle to upscale images to 4k resolution. With 4k image upscaler of Fotor, you can easily and quickly increase resolution of image in just one click without compromising on the quality. All you need to do is upload a picture to Fotor, and our image enhancer will upscale your image up to 4k automatically and instantly. No technical skills are required. Enjoy fast and hassle-free AI image upscaling with Fotor!

Upscale Image to 4K
Upscale product photos to fit different platforms

Enlarge Photos to Boost Sales for E-commerce

High-quality product images can significantly impact sales and customer engagement. 4K image upscaler of Fotor enables you to enlarge your product photos to 4K resolution, allowing customers to view every intricate detail of your products.

From clothing and accessories to electronics and furniture, showcasing high-resolution 4k pictures can help build trust, enhance the shopping experience, and ultimately boost sales. Use our image upscaler to take your e-commerce visuals to the next level and leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

Upscale Image to 4K
Fix lighting and color problems of a real estate photo automatically and instantly with Fotor's AI real estate photo editor

Enhance Images for Real Estate and More for Selling

4K image upscaler of Fotor provides an online solution for enlarging image sizes. With its drag-and-drop feature, you can upscale your images up to 4x their original size. To showcase even the most minor interior elements, you can upscale your property images for real estate, car dealerships, and other agents.

Achieve visually striking and captivating property photos by balancing the color and brightness in your listings. With ourAI-powered real estate photo editor, you can create saturated and vibrant property photos that will boost sales and increase interest.

Upscale Image to 4K
Restore a woman old photo with 4k image upscaler of fotor

Effectively Restore Old Photos with 4K Image Upscaler

Preserving cherished memories captured in old or low-resolution photographs is a common desire. 4K image upscaler in Fotor can be an invaluable tool for effectively restoring old images. By upscaling them to 4K resolution, you can relive your cherished memories with ease, bringing out the details and enhancing their overall quality.

Whether it's a family heirloom, a historical photograph, or a personal memento, the 4K image enhancer can help you preserve and appreciate these precious moments in stunning clarity.

Upscale Image to 4K
Enlarge a photo with fotor 4k image upscaler

How to Upscale Image to 4K?

  • Click the button "Upscale Image to 4K", and upload an image you want to upscale.
  • Click the “AI Enlarger” tool at the left tool menu, and image upscaler of Fotor will upscale and enlarge your image automatically within seconds.
  • When the image upscaling process is complete, click "Apply", and download your enlarged image in high-resolution JPG or PNG format for free.
Upscale Image to 4K

Why Use Fotor Image Upscaler

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Easy to Use

The AI image upscaler of Fotor is very easy to use. Just upload your low-quality image, our image enhancer will upscale it to 4k resolution automatically.

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Bulk Image Upscaling

Powered by the upscaling technology from Fotor, our image upscaler will focus on deep learning and super-resolution technology. Especially, it provides a faster and bulk image upscaling process. If you want to upscale multiple images at one time, Fotor could be your best option.

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High Quality Output

Our image upscaler will automatically boost blurry images to 4k quality and outputs high-quality results. Use Fotor if you prefer higher quality and resolution.

4K Image Upscaler FAQs