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Free Online Image Upscaler

Upscale images for higher resolution and better quality in just one click with Fotor’s AI image upscaler.

Upscale an image online easily with Fotors image upscaler

Upscale An Image Online Quickly with AI

A small blurry photo of green chairs on sand
A clear, upscaled image of green chairs on sand enhanced with Fotor's online image upscaler tool
A small blurry photo of three women sanding on a sunflower field
A clear, upscaled image of three women sanding on a sunflower field using Fotor's online image upscaler
A small, blurry photo of fox
A clear, upscaled photo of fox enhanced with Fotor's image upscaler
A small blurry photo of green chairs on sand
A small blurry photo of three women sanding on a sunflower field
A small, blurry photo of fox

Convert small, low-definition images into HD images in seconds with Fotor's image upscaler. Powered by an advanced AI algorithm, Fotor analyzes and increases image resolution automatically with sharpness and detail enhanced for you. Plus, Fotor's AI image upscaling tool works for any sort of image- portraits, landscapes, anime and cartoon pictures, logos, digital art, and many more. Upscaling an image online was never this easy!

Instant image upscaling using Fotor's AI image upscaler

Instant Image Upscaling

It takes a lot of time and technical expertise to upscale an image in Photoshop. With Fotor’s AI image upscaler, the whole upscaling process is completed within a few seconds. You just need to upload a picture to Fotor and Fotor will automatically upscale and enhance the image for you. Instantly increase image size and resolution with minimum effort.

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High-quality enlargements without sacrificing image quality using Fotor's image upscaler

Enlarge an Image Without Losing Quality

You can always expect high-quality photo enlargements with Fotor’s image upscaler. It preserves every detail of the original images, letting you make images larger without losing quality. You won't see pixelation or jagged edges after upscaling. Easily increase photo resolution for large-scale prints and web design.

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Easily upscale and enhance blurry images by Fotor's image upscaler

Easily Upscale and Enhance Blurry Images

Have a blurry, compressed photo? Don’t worry. By using Fotor's AI image upscaler, you can enhance the quality of your pictures while upscaling them. Repair blurry, recover details and textures and reduce the noise of your pictures in real-time. Try Fotor out now to make your images clearer and sharper again!

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Upscale Your Images for Personal and Business Needs

Vector characters working on how to crop image

How to Upscale an Image?

  • You can quickly and easily upscale images using Fotor’s free online image upscaler. Firstly, Go to and upload an image you want to upscale.
  • Click the “AI Enlarger” tool, and Fotor will upscale and enlarge your image automatically within seconds
  • When the image upscaling process is complete, click "Download" to export your enlarged image in high-resolution JPG or PNG format for free.
  • That’s it. You now have an upscaled image with superior quality ready to share immediately.
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Image Upscaling FAQs

What is image upscaling?

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