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Automatically unblur images in one click with Fotor AI photo blur remover.

Try it out now to sharpen images and transform blur photo to clear photo online in no time.

AI-Powered Photo Blur Remover for Deblurring Any Image

A blurry close-up photo of a woman
A clear close up photo of a woman
A blurry photo of green chairs under umbrellas on beach sand
A clear photo of green chairs under umbrellas on beach sand
A blurry photo of a running black car
Photo of a running black car
A clear close up photo of a woman
A clear photo of green chairs under umbrellas on beach sand
Photo of a running black car

It takes a great deal of time and effort to unblur images in Photoshop. You can now unblur images in seconds for free in just one click with Fotor's blur remover! Powered by artificial intelligence, Fotor will analyze and remove blur from your photos automatically and precisely. Just upload your blurry image and Fotor will take care of the rest to unblur the image. It's 100% automatic. No complex photo editing software needed. Try Fotor's AI unblur image tool to unblur photos online!

Turn a blur female portrait photo to clear photo with Fotor blur remover

Unblur Image Online to Enhance Portrait

With Fotor's free deblur image tool, you can effortlessly enhance your portrait photos. Not only you can easily remove face blur from photo online, but also retouch your portrait with advanced AI face enhancement. In no time, you can turn blurry photos to clear images. Experience the power of AI for image deblurring!

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Remove blur from old photos using Fotor's AI image unblurring tool

Restore Old Photos for New Looks

Do you have photos that have become faded and blurry over time? Don’t fret, Fotor’s photo unblurring tool is here to save your precious memories from fading away. With state-of-the-art algorithms, Fotor can enhance image quality and clarity of your old blurry photos, bringing them back to life. Easily deblur images and restore old photos to make them look new!

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Sharpen and unblur a blurry picture of a smiling woman using Fotor image unblurring tool

Sharpen Image Online to Recover Details

When it comes to blurry photos, there are various types of blur that can occur. It could be caused by camera shake, subject movement, out-of-focus, lighting conditions, motion blur, and so on. With Fotor's AI free image sharpener tool, you can quickly unblur an image, and enhance the perception of sharpness and edge contrast in an image. Make the image appear crisper and more defined and improve any pixelated, damaged, fuzzy photos. Sharpen an image without any hassle and gain more likes on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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Make blurry prodcut photos clear with Fotor's photo blur remover

Remove Blur and Enhance Blurry Product Photos With Ease

Don't let blurry, pixelated product photos ruin your product listings and sales! Remove blur from photo with Fotor, you can easily unpixelate images, make product blurry photos into clear and sharpen your image online for free. Having clear, high-resolution images is crucial to attracting customers and boosting sales.

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Before and after unblurring text on image with fotor

Unblur Text to Improve Readability

The blurry text on the image makes you feel crazy and curious about the behind it. To help you make the blurry text readable, do not hesitate to use our free online blur remover tool. Unblurring text in an image has been so much easier.

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Enhance and upscale a blurry image of a dog wearing a brown hat easily using Fotor

Enhance and Upscale Images for Better Quality

Make blurry, low-resolution smartphone photos clearer and bigger. With the smart AI image upscaler feature offered by Fotor, you can easily upscale images and enhance photo quality. With just one click, you can enlarge your image, remove blurriness and noise, and restore details to your photo. In no time, you'll have a crisp, detailed image that looks like it was taken with a high-end DSLR camera.

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Use Fotor app to unblur a picture of a girl holding a camera

Fotor Unblur Image App On the Go

Fotor is not only an online tool, it also has a mobile app that you can use to unblur a picture on your iPhone or Android device. By tapping a single button, you can fix blurry pictures and make image clearer immediately. It also allows you to adjust the settings to get the best look. Make your quick snapshot into a clear and sharp image like a pro using Fotor's photo blur remover!

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How To Unblur An Image?

  • Unbluring a photo is simple and fast using Fotor’s AI image unblurring tool. Firstly, click the below button "Unblur Image Now".
  • Upload the image you want to unblur, and our deblur tool will process the image automatically. Within seconds, you’ll have a high quality, crystal-clear image that’s ready to download and share.
  • If necessary, you can fine-tune the picture further. Adjust settings like sharpness, color, saturation, brightness, contrast, and more to make the perfect image.
  • When you’re satisfied with the result, click "Download" to download the image at its full resolution in HD quality.
Unblur Image Now

How Amazing Our AI Blur Remover Tool Is!

Fotor's unblur image tool is really an incredible tool for me and it changes my way to process images that are not clear. It saves lots of time because I have piles of images to work on. Fotor really revolutionizes how I upscale images with its amazing tool!



Fotor's unblurring image tool really speeds up my workflow. It helps me handle those blurry images or some out-of-focus photos in my work beautifully. I can quickly upscale the images with ease beacuase it's totally AI tool!



I love Fotor's AI unblur image tool! Whenever I need to upscale my product images, Fotor is always my first choice. It sharpens images quickly and easily so I don't need to eliminate the blurriness manually!


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