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Looking for a laugh? Try out Fotor's hilarious funny face filters! Transform your selfies and portraits into funniest faces and become the coolest on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok!

Showcasing a cover with three funny face photos

Make Funny Faces with Diverse AI Face Filters

The girls smiling face in the photo turned into a funny crying face

Laughing Through Tears: Create Funny Crying Face

Spice up your online selfie with a dash of unexpected fun! Introducing our quirky sad face filter that'll bring a whole new level of amusement to your selfies and portraits. Simply upload your photo, use the brush tool to select the area you'd like to modify, provide input prompts, and our AI will humorously replace it with an irresistibly cute sad face. Get ready to add a touch of humor to your photo like never before!

Create Funny Crying Face
The photo of the young man face turned into a comical old man face

Old Filter: Imagine the laughter when You're Old

Embark on a journey through time with Fotor's online old filter! Witness your photos undergo a delightful transformation, aging gracefully before your eyes. Share the vintage charm and surprise of your old face images with friends and family, igniting laughter and fond memories instantly!

Age Yourself Now
The girls face in the photo turned into a hilariously crazy zombie face

Make Crazy Funny Face

Ready to unleash your inner monster? Whether you fancy being a vampire, zombie, or witch, we've got you covered! Dive into our diverse AI filters including gogh, zombie, vampire, or witch to transform your face into a wild and wacky masterpiece! Let the craziness begin!

Make Crazy Funny Face
The womans face in the photo transformed into the funny face of a child making her look younger

Funny Baby Face Filter: Turn into a Giggle-Inducing Baby

Relive your cutest moments effortlessly! Fotor's AI-powered baby filter transforms your ordinary photo into an adorable funny baby version with just a click. Watch as it accurately detects and restores your childhood charm. Upload your photo now and embark on an incredible journey back to your youthful days

Apply Baby Filter Now
The young mans photo face turned into a funny clown face

Clown Face Filter, Let's Add Some Fun

Time to Clown Around! Transforming into a playful clown is a breeze with Fotor’s clown filter. Upload your photo, use the brush tool to highlight the area you wish to adjust, input your preferences, and watch as our AI transforms it with a classic red clown nose, and vibrant face paint. With our amazing clown face changer, transform into a playful clown effortlessly

Make Funny Clown Face
The photo of the young man sprouted a comical beard on his face

Get Playful with Online Beard Filter

Ready to rock a beard? Simply upload your selfie or portrait to our beard maker, select the area, input your preferences, and our AI will transform you into a bearded wonder! Our beard filter is not only perfect for a quick makeover but also great for pranks with friends. Add a beard to your photo and see how funny and adorable you look with beard faces.

Try Funny Beard Filter
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Free Funny Faces Apps

Set off on the ultimate funny face adventure with our free app for iPhone and Android! Unleash your creativity, transforming ordinary selfies into extraordinary hilarity. Get ready to laugh, share, and spread joy anytime, anywhere!

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The girls photo face became comical with exaggerated features of funny filter

How to Do the Funny Face Filter Online?

  • Just click the call-to-action button on this page to begin. Then, select "From Image" on the left dashboard and upload your image to our AI image generator.
  • Choose your preferred AI face filter and specify the number of images you'd like to generate, then click "Generate."
  • In just a few seconds, watch as Fotor transforms your ordinary photo into a stunning AI image.
  • Finally, download and share your AI face on social media to garner more likes!
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Discover Endless Funny Face Options

The mans photo was turned into a humorous meme

Create Funny Face Meme

Creating viral memes from your photos is a breeze with Fotor's meme generator. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and powerful editing tools make meme-making quick and easy. Crop, resize, flip, add text, funny stickers, apply filters, and more with just a few clicks. Plus, you can download watermark-free memes effortlessly. Making your own meme has never been this simple!

Create Funny Face Meme
The girl created a humorous atmosphere by swapping faces in the photos

Swap Faces, Double the Fun

Unleash your playful side and ignite your imagination with our AI face swapper. Effortlessly swap faces with friends, celebrities, superheroes, or anyone else you fancy. Plus, explore a different version of yourself with the uproarious gender swap effect for added hilarity.

Swap Face for Fun
The mans face was cut out and made into a caricature effect then posted on social media

Face Cutout, Pure Fun in Every Snap

Delight in the instant amusement provided by our face cut out tool, where you can effortlessly create larger-than-life head cutouts for portraits, kids, and even beloved pets. With just a few clicks, watch as ordinary photos transform into eye-catching and memorable designs that are bound to bring smiles and laughter to everyone who sees them

Face Cutout for Fun

Ready to elevate your selfie with fun?

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