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Turn Photo Into Line Drawing in Seconds

Outline pictures and create stencil drawings quickly with Fotor's free AI stencil maker. Based on this, you can turn a photo into a line drawing effortlessly. Try it now!

Turn family photo into line drawing with fotor stencil maker

Convert Photo to Line Drawing Using Fotor's Stencil Creator

Convert man on horse photo to line drawing
Man on horse
Stencil drawing of beach picture
Beach picture
Chair photo to stencil
Chair picture
Convert man on horse photo to line drawing
Stencil drawing of beach picture
Chair photo to stencil

Use our advanced AI picture outline maker to create stencils, sketches, and portraits in seconds. With an easy-to-use interface and smart technology, you can turn picture into line drawing without the manual. Just upload your images, select the sketch filter, then your line art is ready!

Outline portrait of woman with fotor outline maker

Outline Portrait Picture

Converting your personal or family pictures to line drawing is such a fun thing to do. No need to hire professionals to spend days to complete. Fotor's free picture stencil maker makes everything easy. In just a few seconds you can turn your picture to outline with great clarity.

Outline Your Picture Now
Outline landscapes picture with fotor stencil creator

Turn Landscapes Photo to Stencil

Outline a landscape image and turn it into a work of art at a moment with Fotor's outline maker. It allows you to adjust the intensity of the lines for better presentation. Use Fotor to convert landscapes image to line art now.

Outline Your Picture Now
Convert photo to line drawing app

Outline Picture on Mobile

In addition to outlining an image on the computer, Fotor's convert photo to line drawing APP supports users to complete all operations on the mobile phone. You can turn your photo into line drawing anytime, anywhere.

Outline Your Picture Now
Interface of fotor stencil maker

How to Outline a Picture?

  • Click the "Outline Your Picture Now" button on this page and click "AI Art" to turn to our AI stencil creator.
  • Click "Open Image" to upload the picture you want to outline. The photo can be of anything like portraits, landscapes, pets, and so on.
  • Once your image gets uploaded successfully, select "Sketch" effect and our tool will automatically convert photo to line drawing.
  • Just wait seconds, you can get a stencil drawing. Then, click "Download" to save your line art. There are JPG and Png formats for you to choose from.
Outline Your Picture Now

Online Stencil Maker FAQs

Can I print my own stencils?

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