Online SSC Photo and Signature Resizer

Quickly convert your photo and signature to the required width and height in cm for SSC online application form. Auto quality optimization offered and various file types supported, try now!

Resize a woman id photo and signature for ssc exam
Make a ssc photo and signature with fotor ssc photo resizer

How to Make an SSC Photo and Signature Online?

  • Click the "Resize SSC Photo Now" button to get started. Find the "ID Photo(35x45mm)" template and apply it.
  • Click the "Change photo" button to replace the template photo with your own. Fotor will automatically recognize the portrait and change the background to white.
  • Optionally, you can click on the photo in the template to change it with your signature. Then click the "Resize" function on the left upper side. Select "Custom Size" to adjust its dimensions to 4x2 cm.
  • If your image is too dark, use the "Adjustment" feature in the top menu to modify brightness, contrast, and more.
  • Preview your SSC photo or signature and save it as a high-resolution JPG file.
Resize SSC Photo Now
Convert a woman id photo to a ssc photo and signature

What Is SSC Photo & Signature Resizer?

The Fotor photo resizer is a tool to resize images based on target dimensions. It offers preset templates and customizable options to change image size to suit SSC requirements. Imagine it a kind helper who knows your needs and can help you get desired results in a short time.

Resize SSC Photo Now
The image size file type and file size of ssc photo and signature

Adjust Image Sizes Precisely

To successfully pass the online application for the SSC(Staff Selection Commission) exam, you need to know its requirements on photo and signature sizes.

Photo Size: 1. File type: JPEG 2. File size: 20-50kb 3. Dimensions: 35mm (width) x45mm (height)

Signature Size: 1. File type: JPEG 2. File size: 10-20kb 3. Dimensions: 40mm (width) x20mm (height)

The SSC Photo & Signature Resizer tool offers a preset ID photo template and resize option, ensuring that your uploaded photos and signatures adhere to the exact dimensions of 3.5x4.5cm for the SSC photo and 4x2 cm for the signature, respectively.

Resize SSC Photo Now
Make a ssc photo in jpeg with high quality using fotor ssc photo resizer

Auto Optimizing Photo & Signature Quality

Our SSC photo and signature resizer optimizes image quality while maintaining clarity and resolution as prescribed. Users can easily upload their passport-sized photos or scanned signatures, and the tool automatically adjusts them according to the SSC's standards, without compromising on the details.

Resize SSC Photo Now
View ssc photo and signature on desktop and mobile

Formatting for Different Devices

Our SSC photo and signature resizer supports various file types involving JPG, JPEG, PNG, WebP, SVG, HEIC, HEIF, etc. Upload your photo, resize it, and download it in JPEG format as SSC requires. After that, you can view the photo and signature image on multiple devices like PC, mobile, and online.

Resize SSC Photo Now
Preview and download ssc photo and signature without watermark

Instant Preview and Download Without Watermark

After resizing your photo and signature, you can instantly preview the generated resized images and back to the editing feature if they're not what you want. Then, you can download the high-quality SSC photo and signature without a watermark.

Resize SSC Photo Now

Enhancing and Editing SSC Photo

Add name and exam date on a male ssc photo

Add Name and Date on Photo

In some cases, the SSC requires you to add your name and application date on your photo. Don't worry, it's easy to add name and date on photo with our text tool. Just upload your SSC photo, and choose the text tool to enter your name and date text. Customize the text by changing colors, size, font, and alignment.

Remove and change a woman id photo to white

Seamlessly Remove & Change Background to White

Our SSC photo and signature resizer tool has a built-in background removal feature. Upload your photo, and it automatically detects your portrait, removes the background in seconds, and changes the background to white as the SSC exam requires.

Adjust the brightness contrast and exposure of a male ssc photo

Enhance the Clarity and Brightness of SSC Photo

During the image resizing process, you can manually adjust the brightness, contrast, exposure, etc with the built-in adjustment option. Or you can access our photo enhancer to elevate your SSC photo and signature. With only one tap, it can correct the color, reduce the noise, and unblur your image for the best visual presence.

Why Choose Fotor's SSC Photo and Signature Resizer?

Cost and time efficiency by using fotor green screen editor

Easy and Fast

It offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface, you can easily and quickly resize image for SSC photo and signature sizes.

High quality icon

High-Quality Export

It ensures a high image quality during the resizing and export process. Download or print the SSC photo and signature in HD.

Gradient purple mobile friendly icon

Multiple Platforms Supported

Supports various devices: web, PC, and mobile, allowing for resizing images on Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, and online.


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