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With Fotor PNG resizer, you can effortlessly resize PNG images online for free without losing quality.

Resizing PNG images online has never been easier.

Resize a woman portrait with transparent background
Resize a portrait by pixel and percentages

Resize PNG by Adjusting the Pixel or Percentage

With Fotor online PNG resizer, easily change PNG size in seconds. Customize the pixel values of your PNG images or enter the percentage of image aspect you want, and you will instantly get a resized lossless photo. You can also lock the aspect ratio of your PNG image to resize the image while keeping its original aspect ratio. Try it out!

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Resize a mountain photo without losing quality

Resize PNG Image Without Losing Quality

Resizing images usually results in blurred or pixelated. Don't worry, with Fotor's PNG image resizer, you can resize PNG online without losing its detail and quality. No matter if you're compressing images or upscale images, Fotor can get it done without sacrificing the resolution. Resizing images has never been easier.

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Batch crop many images with fotor batch cropper

Batch Resize PNG Files

Rather than engaging in repetitive tasks to achieve uniform photo sizes, you can now resize an entire folder of PNG images in one go with Fotor, saving you valuable time and effort. Whether you need to resize 20 or even up to 50 photos, Fotor's bulk image resizer allows you to resize them in seconds.

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Resize and crop a photo for instagram

Resize PNG Images for Social Media

Scale PNG images to match social media's image size specifications. With the image resizer to change the size of your images by customizing the pixel values or percentage, without worrying about the png file size not matching the social media platforms. In addition, you can also combine Fotor photo cropper to easily crop images to fit your Instagram post or Facebook cover.

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resize a female portrait with Fotor's free image resizer app

Resize PNG Images On the Go

Fotor provides a PNG image resizer app for iOS and Android, you can easily resize PNG files no matter when and where. With a single tap, you can swiftly resize pictures to various aspect ratios and dimensions, ensuring they fit your desired specifications. Try it today!

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A woman portrait and a landscape and a pear

Do More with PNG Image

Utilize your creativity with Fotor's photo editing and design tools. Change the background color of the PNG image, add stickers, make PNG transparent, and enhance your PNG image with photo effects and specific editing adjustments. There are different ways for creating a beautiful image with Fotor.

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Easy Image Resizing for Any Purpose

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How to Resize a PNG

  • Click the button "Resize PNG Now" on this page to turn to our photo editing page.
  • Click "Open Image" to upload your picture, or directly drag and drop your photo to our editing area.
  • Find the "Resize" tool on the left toolbar and click.
  • Enter the exact pixel values or the horizontal and vertical percentages to resize the image. You can also change the PNG image size by dragging the corners of the image.
  • When you finish, click "Download" to save your resized PNG image in the desired file format and size.
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