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Brighten image instantly with Fotor's free picture brightener. Easily improve image overall look within a few seconds!

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Brighten Your Image to Improve Details Easily

Do your image details get obscured by dark photos? Fotor's online image brightener helps you to brighten up dark photos to make blurry images clear quickly. Upload your photo to Fotor's photo editor to brighten photos, select and apply the Effects&Filters and adjust the brightness as needed. Lighten dark photos and get a significant improvement in details immediately. Start to make a dark photo brighter with Fotor's online picture brightener now!

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Brighten Images with Automatic Photo Enhancement

Still, Fotor allows you to have automatic option to brighten images. You can use our photo enhancement tool to lighten images with one click to take your images to the next level. Click the button and brighten images with our AI enhancement tool!

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Lighten Dark Underexposed Photos with A Image Brightener

Fotor's online free photo brightener fixes dark and underexposed photos within seconds. A dark and underexposed image will dull your image details and fail to make your image details noticeable.

Use Fotor‘s online image brightener to lighten dark and underexposed images. Fotor makes your details and design stand out instantly by creating high-quality HDR photos with a picture lightener.

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Enhance Your Image With More Customization

Continue to enhance your image to perfection after you lighten dark photos. Fotor has many other beautiful filters such as grayscale, b&w, retro, etc. Moreover, you can add stickers, add text to photos, blur images and fine-tune photos. With Fotor, image editing tools are at your fingertips.

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Best App to Brighten Pictures for iOS and Android

Fotor's picture lightener allows you to brighten photos on your phone. Fotor provides you with the best app for brightening photos for iOS and Android so that you can use the photo lighter anytime and anywhere. Just download and log into the free app to lighten dark pictures and share them online now!

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How to Brighten Your Image?

  • Click the "Brighten Image Now" button to get started. Upload or drag and drop your image in Fotor.
  • Go to "Adjust" and find "Basic Adjust" on the left. Select "Brightness", then drag the slider to adjust the brightness as needed.
  • Customize your image after brightening the dark image, such as adding stickers, text and fine tune. Use Fotor's editing tools to perfect your image.
  • Download your image (PNG and JPG surpported).
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