Before and After Picture Maker

Easily create captivating before and after pictures with Fotor's intuitive before and after picture maker. Craft compelling comparison images that beautifully showcase transformative results, all for free! Try it now and elevate your visual storytelling.

The comparison images before and after the girls selfie
Create before and after comparison photos of a girl using template in fotor

How to Make Before and After Images in Juat a Few Clicks?

  • Click the "Create Before and After Picture" button on this page.
  • Browse through our selection of before and after templates and choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • Upload your before and after photos into the template.
  • Customize your design using our built-in editing tools. Enhance the appearance by adjusting dimensions, orientation, spacing, and background color. You can also personalize the "Before" and "After" text.
  • Once your design is ready, download it in PNG, JPEG, or PDF format. Print it out or share it directly via email or social media.
Create Before and After Picture

Compare Photos with Diverse Before and After Images

Create Before and After Picture
Creating before and after comparison images of people using a 2 grid layout

Make Before and After Photo Easily with Side by Side Photo Collage

Seeking a swift way to showcase before and after photos side by side? Look no further than Fotor's collage maker. With easy customization and drag-and-drop simplicity, using 2-layout collage maker to creat before and after images is effortless. Simply select a layout, drag your images, and voila! No complex software required. In seconds, you'll have a perfectly aligned photo ready to share.

Create Before and After Picture
Three different styles of before and after comparison photo templates

Unleash Endless Possibilities with Our Before and After Templates

Maximize the potential of before and after photos with diverse templates beyond side-by-side styles. Unlock numerous before and after template layout options in Fotor for expanded photo display possibilities. With endless customization options, transform your designs into shareable, engaging, and memorable masterpieces.

Create Before and After Picture
The before and after comparison photos of female portraits can be further edited with editing options

Customize Your Before and After Photos to Truly Unique

Elevate your before and after photos by personalizing them with stickers, backgrounds, and even use AI to generate a variety of other elements. With these customization options, you can add text to image, add captions, highlight key features, or verlay graphics to enhance your images. Let your creativity run wild as you tailor your photos to match your unique style and vision.

Create Before and After Picture
Fotor app interface display of before and after comparison photo tool

Free App to Create Before and After Picture

Create your own before and after photos on the go with our free mobile app, available for both Android and iPhone devices. Don't let location limit your creativity—make stunning side-by-side photos anytime, anywhere!

Create Before and After Picture

Creat Before and After Image with Fotor

Create Before and After Picture