How to Look Good in Pictures: 12 Pro Tips and Tricks

Summary: Say goodbye to unnatural pictures and learn our 12 pro tips to look good in pictures. Being photogenic has never been easier before.

a female leaning on the parapet and using the camera to take picture

Taking a good picture or selfie is a pleasant thing, as it captures the best you of the precious moment. You may think, “how can I make it? I’ve always been unnatural and awkward in the pictures”. That could be a big headache for a lot of people.

Stiff smiles, clumsy postures, roving stares, and double chins? These were never problems, once you learned the tricks of taking pictures. Everyone can look better in the pictures and be trained to be photogenic for a stunning selfie or group picture.

Alright, it’s time to learn how to look good in pictures and dive into the magic to be photogenic via our 12 pro tips and tricks!

12 Pro Tips to Look Better in Pictures

1. Find a Perfect Shoot Place

A good photoshoot place is the very first step for a gorgeous pic, especially for the unexperienced. It’s not simply about the decoration. Instead, it just focuses on the lighting and background color, and most importantly, it should be a place that you value. A good place can be a street, where is full of your loved palms and the sunshine is just perfect, which makes you feel comfortable and relax.

A place, indoor or outdoor, with a clean background and adequate lighting, is preferred by the beginners, as you don’t have to think about the complicated composition and illumination. So, when taking a picture, make sure you’ve got the right shoot place.

two woman sitting and drinking coffee

2. Make Sure You Have Right Outfits

We’re not stressing that you have to get luxurious dress or new outfits for a photoshoot. The right outfits should be clean and amplify your strengths based on your taste.

Basically, you should figure out whether it is a skirt or a pantsuit that can showcase your personality. Then, it comes to the style. Do you prefer cool or cute, casual or formal, sexy or normal, complicated or minimalist?

All the aspects, including the color, pattern, and material, should be taken into consideration. Just go to your closets and wardrobes, and learn some tips on dressing up.

woman with orange colored dress leaning on the wall

3. Makeup when Necessary

One more thing you can do in the initial preparation stage for a beautiful picture is to assure that you are invigorated, or you can choose to make yourself look great by putting on make-up. You can learn makeup tips from some beauty bloggers or try some very creative makeup looks on your own. But remember, makeup is just one way to be able to make you glow, and you can choose to wear it or not.

female selfie

4. Relax Before a Photoshoot

For those people who are always feel unnatural or awkward, you should relax yourself to avoid being stiff in the pictures. Take deep breathe, or forget you are doing a photoshoot. Tell yourself, you are with someone important instead of those unfamiliar photographers.

woman doing meditation

5. Smile When Looking into the Camera

If you are practicing how to look better in picture, remember that a smile is half the battle. You can remind yourself of something interesting, whether it’s your experience or a joke. Or ask you friends to amuse you with some funny stories. A natural smile is preferred than a stiff or fake smile!

girl with blond hair smiling into the camera

6. Keep Moving to Avoid Being Stiff

Do not stand still like the Statue of Liberty. Move your body, like waving, turning, or pretending to jump or running. That could be very great, as you are reliving a scene in your life, which ensures you look natural. If you want to look more active, try a short dance and then let your photographer capture your moment.

female doing stretching

7. Choose a Right Angle

Finding your best facial angle when taking a picture. That because angles can result in various effects. Some looks great from left, while right is best for others; some may look cute with a top down shot, while some people, however, are just the opposite. Move your camera or cell phone, and try different angles to find the best one that makes you look stunning.

female in red shirt taking a picture using a camera

8. Get Good Poses

Pose yourself well, and that makes it easier to get a good picture. You can You can stand and face the camera head-on or lean sideways. Or sit and hold an elegant or cool pose. If you have a pair of sunglasses, you can raise your hand and pretend to lift her squarely; or hold some props, like flowers, books, and cups, in your hand to make a pick up, put down, organize, pass pose.

female with long blond curly hair with her hands touching her head

9. Be Confident

Confidence helps people often look stunning in photos, conveying a sense of I'm great from the inside out. That kind of effect cannot be achieved no matter how much you pose. So, keep in mind, don't be timid in front of the camera, just show yourself confidently and graciously.

female in blue suit standing her sideway

10. Shoot in Succession or Get Live Pictures

One of the most helpful tips for getting a great photo is to keep snapping away. Realize that it's very hard to get the perfect photo in every angle by just taking one shot.

The photos shared by your favorite bloggers are also selected from a hundred different shots before they are posted on social media platforms. So, you might consider taking ten or even twenty shots of the same pose.

Plus, one of our best tips is that you can try to use Live pictures that can record multiple frames through just a few seconds, which also makes you vibrant.

famale taking picture using the camera

11. Learn and Practice

Learning is one of the most important tips we want to share because you can learn from the strengths of other people. You can learn what you like, including the composition, the colors, and even the makeup. Moreover, the most important thing is to keep practicing. All you need is a cell phone, find a suitable location and you can practice to be photogenic. We guarantee that you will make a huge difference, as long as you keep learning and practicing.

girl in green hoodie taking a selfie

12. Post-Processing

One more tip is to utilize post-processing tools such as professional software or online photo editors. They help to enhance the picture and solve all the imperfections. You must know that professional photographers are using it to polish their artwork, so it’s necessary for you to edit your picture for maximum visual effect.

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Here’s how to use Fotor’s online photo editor to look good in picture:

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3. For basic editing, click the “Adjust” section in the left tool bar, where you can find all the tools you need.

4. When satisfied, you can download and share your nice pictures on your Instagram.


Everyone can be photogenic and look stunning in the pictures. Just follow our pro tips and tricks, practice more, and you can make a huge change when taking a picture. From the preparation to the post-processing, our list has them covered. Hope you find this blog helpful!