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How to Take a Good Selfie: 5 Tips for Beginner to Create Satisfactory Selifies

Summary: This tutorial shared 5 most useful tips of how to take a good selfie. The tips including the light, pose, angle, and the attitude should be to the selfie taking. Also recommended a powerful free online photo editing tool Fotor to beautify selfies.

a hand is holding a phone to take selfie with friends

No matter whether there is an outing, a party, or a vacation, most people taking a selfie on mobile phones or cameras to record unforgettable moments and post selfies pictures on social media platforms. Today's advanced camera technology on smartphones ensures some unforgettable selfies photo, but there are still many people frustrated by not being able to take a good selfie.

Taking a good selfie can not be only done by holding camera up and pressing the shutter. taking a selfie also need photography skills. We have collected five of the best ways to take a selfie to get satisfactory photos of you and your friends. With those 5 tips, you can take an amazing selfie every time and get countless likes on the instagram.

1. Lighting is Everything for Selfie Taking

man takes selfie with sunrise on the top of a snow mountain.

Stay away from harsh light, no matter whether you are taking a selfie indoor or outdoor. Such as bright white kitchen light or direct sunlight. But if there is not enough light, your picture will be very blurred and dark.

The best time of the day to take pictures outdoors is before sunrise and after sunset because in those times, the sun is low and the light is natural and soft. When you are looking for a suitable light for taking a selfie, you also need to avoid shadows. Inappropriate shadows will destroy your whole photo, even the PS can not save it.

2. Design a Suitable Pose

take selfie with pose

You have to change your mind about selfie, selfies are not only about your face. A selfie is a picture that takes of yourself, which is likely to reveal other parts of your body or other objects, so the photo posture is particularly important.

You can imitate the various poses of selfie talent on Instagram to get more photo inspiration. There are no rules and restrictions on the selfie. It is your imagination that limits selfie. Imagine and try some interesting and funny poses, which may be surprising!

3. Choose a Right Angle

man selfie in a mid angle

The selfie angle can directly affect the face in your selfie, tilting your lens slightly up, down or to one side, or keeping your lens completely still and tilting your head slightly to a perfect angle. You can also try tilting your phone and head to find the angle you think looks best.

Tilting a little bit will make you look more balanced, symmetrical and make your facial features look more three-dimensional.Manage your face well, find a good-looking angle, and you can get a satisfactory selfie.

Many people want to show their changes to others by taking selfies, such as showing their new hair color or new nails, you can change the selfie angle to where you want others to pay attention, highlight these changes through different angles, and change the focus of the selfie.

4. Enjoy the Shooting

enjoy taking selfie with flower

Taking a selfie is not a stressful experience. Enjoy the selfie taking process, relax your face, and you can get the best selfie effect. When you try to take selfie at beginning, you may feel unnatural or embarrassed.

Try smiling first, taking pictures in a natural and comfortable status. Try to taking selfies as much as you can until you get used to the process of taking selfie and begin to enjoy the selfie shooting.

5. Beautify Selfies with Powerful Photo Editing Tool

beautify selfie with fotor

If you don't like the default features on your camera, there are many powerful photo editing applications on the web for you to edit your selfie. Here I highly recommend a free online photo editor Fotor for you.

Fotor is super easy to edit your selfie based on its powerful AI technology. Without any photo editing skills, you can create perfect selfies in just a few clicks. It covers various free online photo editing tools to beautify your selfie.

You can adjust the basic settings, change the background and color of the picture. When you are not satisfied with your face in the image, Fotor supports many beauty tools to solve most of your facial problems, such as blemish remover, wrinkle remover and so on.

Similarly, you can also use a variety filters and AI photo effects to make your selfie unique. Fotor also provides many cute and interesting clipart to enrich your selfie. Fotor's free online photo editing tools are waiting for you to explore and create a more perfect selfies.


A good selfie needs to take care of many aspects at the same time, not only the light, pose, and angle, the most important thing is to enjoy it, your selfie may have some flaws, you can use Fotor to continue to beautify the selfie until you get the perfect picture.
Whether you take these selfies just for fun, for recording life, or to use them as your avatar, I hope these 5 tips will help you to get a good selfie.