6 Best Old Photo Restoration Apps to Restore Old Photos (2024)

Summary: This is a post that shares the best 6 old photo restoration app for you to enhance old photos and fix the old damaged photos, including Fotor, Adobe Photoshop Express, Remini, FixMyPics, Colorize, and Face Restore.

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Seeking the app to fix pictures with spots and scratches? Want to bring the old photos to life? Or want to see the old photos in full colors? Now worries, all you need to do is to restore these old photos.

Nowadays, restoring old photos has become easier like never. There is a variety of old photo restoration apps to offer powerful tools and features to ensure your pictures look their best and bring new life to your wonderful memories.

In this blog, we will share the 6 best old photo restoration apps that offers the solution to restore and enhance old photos. Now let’s dive in and say goodbye to faded colors, scratches, and creases!

6 Best Old Photo Restoration Apps to Fix Your Old Photos

Fotor: Best Old Photo Restoration App

Platform: iOS and Android

fotor ai old photo restoration app page
Fotor photo restoration app

Fotor allows you to restore old photos with ease in its old photo restoration app.

Easy to restore blurry, color-faded, spotted old photos in Fotor.

Relive old photos and bring full colors to them in no time!

Restore Old Photos Now

Key feature

  • One-tap restore photos
  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • Advanced AI-powered restoration
  • Accurate color reproduction
  • AI Face Restoration
  • High-quality output

As one of the popular photo editing brands, Fotor should be your first choice when you want to restore old photos. Fotor’s old picture fix app is powerful and easy-to-use for everyone, despite whether you have photo editing experience or not.

Backed up by advanced artificial intelligence, Fotor’s photo restoration tool allows you to repair old photos easily and quickly. After uploading your damaged old photo to Fotor’s free old photo restoration app, Fotor will automatically remove spots and scratches from old pictures to restore scratched photos effectively.

Still, Fotor is powerful photo restoration tool, where you can remove blurriness from old photo and enhance its quality automatically. Amazingly, in Fotor photo restoration app, you can colorize black and white old photos by using the AI colorizer tool to relive your old photos.Fotor also offers the option to upscale photos, ensuring that every detail is preserved and enhanced for the best possible result.

Here’s how to restore old photos in Fotor’s old photo restoration app:

  1. Open Fotor’s photo restoration app to stay ready to repair old photos.
  2. Tap "More" and scroll down your screen to find the “Old Photo Restorer” to fix your old photos.
  3. Upload your old photos or old damaged photos, and Fotor’s photo restoration tool will automatically repair your images in a few seconds.
  4. Download your restored and fixed photos.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Platform: iOS and Android

adobe photoshop express old photo restoration app page

Key feature

  • Pro features for advanced needs
  • Smart color filling
  • AI-powered restoration

As a house-hold name in the photo editing industry, Adobe has released its powerful apps to fix photos – Adobe Photoshop Express. Similarly, you can upload your old photos or the damaged old photos with faded colors, scratches, and spots to Photoshop’s photo restoration app, where you can restore photos free with a few operations.

Adobe offers the photo restoration tools, including the image sharpen tool, photo enhancement tool, and the HDR tool to help you fix the imperfections of your old photos. In the Adobe Photoshop Express, you can enhance old photo quality and make your wonderful memories come alive!

Remini: AI Photo Enhancer

Platform: iOS and Android

remini ai photo enhancer to restore old photo app page

Key feature

  • Restore old photos in high-quality
  • Easy to use
  • AI-powered restoration

To improve the quality of your faded and blurry old photos, the Remini app offers a remarkable solution. By utilizing its advanced AI photo restoration tool, Remini can automatically repair, clarify, and enhance these images, transforming them into high-definition (HD) photographs.

Whether your old photos suffer from scratches or blurriness, this app will effectively revive them, ensuring that your cherished memories are revitalized and brought to life in stunning clarity. Simply scan your old camera photos that have faded, become blurry, or acquired scratches, and allow the Remini AI photo enhancer app to infuse them with a new lease of life, presenting them in crystal-clear HD quality.

FixMyPics: Restore Old Photos

Platform: iOS and Android

Fixmypics restore old photos app page

Key feature

  • An app that specializes in photo restoration
  • Remove noise
  • Correct old photo colors

As the name suggested, FixMyPics is a professional app to restore old photos. Old photos are usually in black and white, and sometimes they have blurriness and scratches because they were taken by old camera decades ago. Now it’s time to bring a brand-new look to them with FixMyPics app!

Here you can enjoy the colorization, restoration, and “descratch” features in FixMyPics to make your old photos alive. You can remove noise and scratches and repair old photos to turn them into the high definition images. And for those black and white old photos, you can use its colorization tool to make it look like new HD photos!

Colorize: Color to Old Photos

Platform: Android

colorize app to colorize old black and white pictures

Key feature

  • Colorize old photos easily
  • Bring B&W photos to life

If you are seeking for an app that bring full colors back to your old black and white photos, you can’t miss Colorize app, where you can colorize B&W photos automatically in a few seconds. Whether you want to colorize your vintage wedding pictures or your childhood pictures, the Colorize app is definitely your first choice.

Besides the colorization tool, you can also remove spots and scratches from old photos easily and quickly. By the way, your image will be enhanced along the way you restore old photos. After repairing old photos, you can share them online directly in Colorize app.

Face Restore: Color Old Photos

Platform: iOS and Android

face restore app to restore old photos

Key feature

  • AI Face Restoration
  • Erase photo damages
  • Bring color to old photos

Face Restore is a professional app to fix photos for both iPhone and Android users. It is an app not only allows you to remove scratches from photos, but also allows you to restore old black and white photos in seconds. The whole process to restore old photos is absolutely automatic because it’s backed by the cutting-edge AI technology.

More than that, it allows you to use its AI colorization tool to colorize B&W old photos or recolor the faded colors of your old photos. That would make your old photo look like it was taken today after using its colorization tool to bring back the full colors of your old images.


In this blog, we have shared best 6 old photo restoration apps to help you relive those old, blurry, spotted, color-faded, damaged photos taken a few decades ago. With these photo restoration apps, you can easily and quickly bring brand-new looks and full colors to your cherished memories. You can use Fotor, Adobe Photoshop Express, Remini, FixMyPics, Colorize, and Restore Face app to make it with ease. Hope you find this blog helpful!