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Create a blank Instagram Story
Creepy Happy Halloween Social Media Story
Beige Abstract Happy Easter Day
Red Christmas Wish Love Family Collage
Red Illustration Chinese Food Sale
Red Floral Mother's Day Reminder
Pink 3D Gifts Mother's Day Sale
Blue And Pink Gradient Mother's Day Giveaway
Gray Organic Clean Mother's Day Reminder
Red Climbing Sport
Black UI Digitalism Funny April Fools' Day
Magenta Groovy Illustrated April Fools' Day
Pink Blue Soft Gradient Ui Spring Blossom Travel
Purple Nice Reminder
Summer Fashion Bag Sale
Green Star Cute Progress Bar
Thanksgiving Open House Business
Soft Green Clean Mother's Day Promotion
Summer Madrid Journey
Blue Get To Know Me Question List
Green Beer Saint Patricks Day
Beige Film Frame Happy Mother's Day Photo Collage
Easter Pastries Discount
Black And White Restaurant Sales
Blue Illustrated April Fools' Day
Green Christmas Wish Love Family Collage
Ask Me Any Thing On Instagram Story Social Media
Black Friday Fashion E-commerce Online Shopping Branding Countdown Notification
Retro Collage My Life Photo Collage
Black Elegant Classic Merry Christmas
British Tea Drink Branding Post
Pink Skin Beautification
Beige Simple Christmas Wish Love Family Collage
Blue Price List Items
Kid's Easter Crafts Workshop
Beige Flash Nap
Pink Simple Illustration April Fools' Day Greeting
Blue New Year Plan Checklist
Purple Music To Experience
Green Saint Patricks Day Wish
Brown Interface Mother's Day Sale

Create Beautiful IG Stories Online for Free

Want to stand out on Instagram? Then you’re in the right place. We offer a library of high-quality, designer-made templates for Instagram stories to help you make eye-catching Instagram content like a pro. You’ll find a wide variety of Instagram story layouts and styles, including q&a questions templates, get to know me templates, happy birthday templates, quiz templates, about me templates, and more.

If you’re using Instagram for business, we’ve got you covered, too. No matter what industry or niche you're in- fashion, fitness, beauty, travel, coaches, etc., you’ll find suitable IG story templates to work with. Better yet, templates are entirely editable and our online Instagram story maker comes loaded with lots of great tools to help you personalize the templates with ease. In a few clicks, you can edit text, change fonts, colors, and layouts, move objects, add your own photos and so much more. There are also plenty of customization options to make your Instagram story templates unique. Get creative with tons of vector stickers to spice up your Instagram story and icons you can use for highlights. Go wild with your imagination and creativity. 

Not sure what image size to use for an Instagram story? Not to worry. All our templates perfectly fit Instagram story dimensions of 1080 x 1920 pixels. It's also easy to repurpose your Instagram story designs across different social media platforms. With our handy resize tool, you can quickly resize your IG stories for posting as an Instagram post, Facebook post, Twitter post, blog post, and more, saving you both time and effort.

10 Instagram Story Ideas that Will Engage Your Followers

Looking for cool Instagram story ideas? We’ve curated 10 creative story ideas to help get you started and inspire you to keep creating engaging Instagram stories.

  • Show your daily routine
  • Share inspirational content
  • Answer FAQs 
  • Tell a story 
  • Share some tips and tricks 
  • Host a contest or giveaway 
  • Do polls or quizzes 
  • Shoutouts: share DMs or UGC 
  • Share before and after 
  • Feature other accounts