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Create Questions for Instagram Stories In Minutes

Instagram stories are a great way to share your day with friends and followers. You can add photos, videos, drawings, or text to them. Want something more engaging and interactive? Posting questions for Instagram stories can be an interesting way to connect with your friends and followers. We have compiled a list of questions Instagram story templates to help you make great Instagram story questions easily. These questions Instagram story templates are designed for various purposes. You can use them to do Instagram Q&A or to ask your followers for feedback and opinions. With a wide variety of Instagram question templates to choose from, you have complete freedom to create questions for IG story.

Once you’ve picked a questions Instagram story template you like, it’s time to customize it to fit your needs and Instagram aesthetic. Templates are totally customizable and Fotor offers easy-to-use online editing tools to bring your ideas to life. It only takes you a few clicks to add questions, change fonts, colors, backgrounds, include stickers, emojis, photos and more. No graphic design experience necessary!

5 Questions to Ask on Instagram Stories

Out of ideas of what to ask on your Instagram stories? Not to worry. Here are some ideas for you.

Ask what kinds of content they want to see

Wondering what content your followers like best? So why not just ask them directly? It not only helps you know what your audience wants but also makes them feel valued and involved in your content creation process. It's a win-win for everyone!

Ask what they want to know more about you

Want to introduce yourself and get your followers more connected with you? Inviting them to ask you questions on Instagram stories. This will give you an opportunity to get better acquainted with them, while also letting your followers know more about you in a personal way.

Quiz your followers

Ask your followers some questions to test their knowledge of you. For example, you can ask them if they know what your favorite color is or what type of food you love most. You can even post some get to know me Instagram stories to give your followers an in-depth idea of who you are.

Ask for feedback or advice

Feel free to ask your followers for feedback or suggestions. It could be what should you eat for lunch, which movie to watch tonight, what are some good restaurants in the area, and so forth. They will help you start up a conversation with your followers and get them engaged more.

Conduct a poll

You can create polls on Instagram stories to ask your followers questions. For instance, you could make a multiple choice poll for your followers to vote for their favorite option, or post a this or that story with two options. Be sure to keep your poll short, and make it fun for people to take part in.

There are endless possibilities for creating engaging questions for IG stories that encourage conversations and generate engagement. Browse our question Instagram story templates for more inspiration and ideas.