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Create a monogram for your business or big event with Fotor’s online monogram maker. Easy to get professional monograms in seconds using massive designed pre-made monogram templates. Try now!

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Convert yellow logo template into monogram

Make a Monogram in Minutes

Tell your story by creating a monogram initial design and for a more elegant and mystery look. Fotor’s online monogram maker helps even novice to get started their first monogram logo design with massive stunning monogram templates.

Just Choose a satisfactory monogram template in Fotor’s template library, replace the letters to your and make some adjustments to suit your taste. The monogram making process is no more a hectic task now!

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Elevate Your Brand Style With Monogram Templates

Make a unique monogram logo for your brand or big event to raise your profile. Beautiful and creative simple design often leaves more impression on customers.

Luckily, Fotor’s monogram generator provides multiple monogram templates of various types for you to choose from. Browse through the stunning templates to get some inspiration and starting from a blank canvas in Fotor's logo maker is also a good idea!

Make a Monogram Now
Change fonts color and text of yellow monogram

Customize Monogram Design in Every Aspect

The Monogram logo is a kind of personalized design. You need to integrate your own ideas into the template to create your own brand logo. Luckily, Fotor’s monogram templates offer you the whole control of adjustment.

Fotor’s build tool provides you to change the monogram fonts, colors, icons, etc. to create your own monogram design for your business.

Make a Monogram Now

How to Make a Monogram?

  • Click “Make a Monogram Now” button to get started.
  • Find the “Templates” in the left dashboard, browse “monogram” in the search box, and you can see lots of monogram templates here.
  • Choose one template you like to canvas, replace the content to text box and type in the new name. Modify the fonts, colors or add elements to suit your taste.
  • Preview and download your final monogram design.
Make a Monogram Now

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