Welcome Back to School

When do we go back to school? In August, millions of American schoolkids are heading back to school, which means - not much of a vacation left! It's time to get ready for back to school. Whether you are a student, teacher or parent, check out our curated list of back to school traditions and posting ideas for the new semester while celebrating the start of the school year, make this year’s back-to-school season feel special.

Explore Back to School Ideas

Back to School Traditions to Try in 2023

Every day of school is a milestone in a child's life. Whether it's the first time they've left us for the day away from us, or they're old enough to go to school on their own, it's always a memorable occasion. You've got a new school bag and nice stationery for your child ready for the new semester, what else are you going to do next to commemorate this important back-to-school day? Try these fun back-to-school traditions below to spice up the new semester.

1. Celebrate School Year's Eve:

Hosting a small dance or movie night before the back-to-school date, preparing tasty snacks and drinks, and having a fun night out with the family will help take away child's fear of starting school.

2. Customize something:

You can order special pencils with their names on them or label their new water bottles, and letting your child make their claim on school gear can help them feel confident about returning to school.

3. A hearty breakfast:

The first morning of school can be a busy one, so set aside enough time to sit down with the kids for a hearty family breakfast. Prepare some delicious pancakes or make some waffles and serve them with everyone's favorite toppings for back-to-school day!

4. Photography:

Make back-to-school memorable by capturing the fun moments of back-to-school day through your camera. Whether it's a new uniform or an interview about your child's back-to-school mood, it's a memory everyone will cherish for years to come.

5. Post on Social Media:

Posting back to school wishes on social media platforms has become a trend. Whether it's an Instagram post or story or a back to school photo, pair it with inspiring captions and fun hashtags to make the day meaningful!

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