Add Sparkle to Photos

Add glitter stickers and sparkle stickers to any photo in seconds with Fotor' s sparkle editor.

Celebrate the coming Christmas and New Year with these glittering images!

A little boy holding a shining bottle
Add sparkle stickers in fotor

Stylistic Sparkle Stickers Wait for You to Discover

Fotor's sparkle editor offers hundreds of sparkle overlays and stickers for you to choose from, including cute, aesthetic, and New Year's themed ones. Take advantage of these sparkle stickers to add a glitter effect to your images in an instant! You can add as many sparkle stickers as you desired. Experiment with Fotor to create eye-catching photos for Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

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Adjust size and intensity of glitter stickers

Customize Sparkle Stickers to Present a Perfect Work

Fotor offers you one more surprise! You can adjust the color of each part of the sparkle overlays, rotate sparkle stickers, and enlarge or shrink them to better match your images. It's easy to make aesthetic glittering images!

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Add sparkle filter and effect to photo

Add Glitter Filters with Fotor

Make your photos sparkly aesthetic by adding glitter effects with the awesome glitter filter Fotor.
Just pick your satisfied glitter effects and add them to your pictures. Both stars and sparkle can bring a magical vibe in Christmas or New Year. See the Magic!

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Add sparkle sticker to a boy

Make Your Photos Shine in a Few Clicks

Fotor allows you to add sparkle to photos with a few clicks. What's more, using the Fotor app to put sparkle on pictures on your iPhone is also available. Simply download the Fotor app to make glittering images on the go. No professional skills requirements. What's more, many of the sparkle stickers and sparkle filters are free for you! Allows you to make shiny pictures to post on social media anytime, anywhere!

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Add sparkle to a baby in Fotor

How to Add Sparkles to a Picture

  • Just start by clicking the button on this page and uploading your image.
  • Pick one sparkle or more you like from the sparkle stickers on the left menu, and click drag it to your picture.
  • Put them wherever you want. You can even personalize the sparkle stickers by changing the color, opacity, size, and more.
  • When you're satisfiedn with your sparkle image, download it in high quality JPG or PNG format. Or share your awesome work on social media in just one click!.
Add Sparkle to Photo Now