Batch Crop Images

Batch crop images with Fotor’s free online batch cropper to make your complex crop job a relaxing experience. Give it a try!

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Batch crop flower images with fotor batch cropper

Smart and Fast Batch Images Cropper

If you're tired of cropping numerous photos, try Fotor's free online batch image cropper. It can crop multiple images at once and upload up to 50 photos to edit for each crop, freeing you from repeated cropping operations.

Fotor's online batch crop image tool does not need any skills, just a few simple steps to quickly finish your batch cropping task!

Batch Crop Images
Batch crop many images with fotor batch cropper

Automatic Intelligent Crop Multiple Images at Once

Based on Fotor's powerful Al technology, batch crop images become intelligent. You don't need to crop all images into same size one by one.

Import all photos into Fotor's free online batch image cropper, select the desired size, then you can crop multiple images at once. The tedious picture cropping task becomes automatic and efficient with Fotor's bulk photo cropper.

Batch Crop Images
Crop flower image in heart shape and shape box

Multiple Batch Cropping Options

With Fotor's automatic batch cropper, you are not limited to crop photos to same size in one shape. You can crop all of them in special shapes as well. Circles, triangles, and hearts are all supported.

At the same time, in order to facilitate your social or work needs, Fotor's online batch photo cropper also provides a variety of social picture specification templates, including Facebook cover, Instagram post, youtube thumbnail, wallpaper, and so on.

Batch Crop Images
Batch tools of fotor

More Than Just Cropping Batch Images

In addition to bulk crop images, Fotor provides other batch editing tools and single crop tools to meet different editing needs. Photo cropper or circle crop images are also available.

A batch text editor can add text to all photos at the same time, customize the position and rotation angle, and even add a watermark. The batch size Editor can customize or resize the picture proportionally and you can also resize images singlely.

The batch adjustment editor can adjust the Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Sharpness of your photos at the same time so that your photos can be adjusted uniformly.

Finally, there is a batch format editor, which not only allows you to modify all picture names at the same time but also converts the format of the image together, with JPG and PNG options.

Batch Crop Images

How to Crop Multiple Images at Once?

  • Click “Crop Batch Image” to open our batch photo editor.
  • Upload your pictures by clicking "Open Image" or dragging and dropping them into the editing area.
  • Click "Crop" and select the image size you want to crop. There are different template sizes below, which provide the common size used in different usages.
  • You can also adjust the size of one of the photos individually by dragging the crop tool.
  • After you're satisfied, click "Apply" to crop. And download your cropped images.
Batch Crop Images

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Batch Crop Images