Cut out Shape from Image Online Free

Cut out shape from image online free with the image cutter of Fotor. Whether you want to crop image into circle, heart, triangle, or any other shape, Fotor has got you covered. Have a try!

Crop each of the three images into circles hearts and triangles in fotor cut out shape from image tool
Easily cut out shape from image in fotor image cutter

Fast & Easy to Cut out Shape from Image

Picture cut out has never been so easier in Fotor. With our newbie-friendly image cutter, you can swiftly cut out shapes from images with just a few clicks. No need to download any software or app, just upload your image to Fotor’s photo cutter, choose the shape you want to crop it into, and you’re on your way to a shapely photo that’ll stand out from the crowd!

Let's jump into world of pictures of shapes to inspire your next shape cutouts.

Cut out Shape from Image
Crop a girl image into circle for profile picture in facebook and linkedin

Circle Photo Cutout for PFP with Transparent Background

When it comes to profile pictures, a circle cutout with a transparent background can make your image truly pop. Fotor's shape maker allows you to easily create a circular frame around your photo, providing a professional and polished look suitable for various platforms. After cutting images, you can download the shaped picture as PNG format with transparent background, so you can easily blend it with any background you want.

Cut out Shape from Image
Cut a loving couple image into heart shape to show love

Cut out Image into Heart Shape to Show Love

Expressing emotions through images is a timeless art. Cut out tool of Fotor enables you to cut out your images into heart shapes, perfect for showcasing love and affection. Whether it's a romantic gesture, a heartfelt message, or a creative project, the heart-shaped picture frame adds a touch of sentimentality to your pictures.

Cut out Shape from Image
Crop image into triangle for social event

Use a Triangle Photo Shape for Social Events

For those seeking a more avant-garde approach, Fotor's image cropper lets you shape pictures and experiment with triangle-shaped photo cutouts. Ideal for social events, parties, or just to share a favorite thought on your feed, this unique shape adds a dynamic and trendy edge to your images. Stand out from the crowd with a photo cut out that breaks the traditional mold.

Cut out Shape from Image
Crop image add filters and enhance with fotor

Go Beyond an Image Cutter

Fotor is not just an image cutter. It's a gateway to endless possibilities. Fotor not only enables you to cut out shape from image, but also offers other photo editing tools, such as background remover, photo resizer, one-tap enhancer and various photo effects. Use it to craft visually stunning designs, create eye-catching social media content, or personalize your photos for special occasions.

Cut out Shape from Image

Cut Out Shape From Image Online in Seconds

Cut out Shape from Image

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