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Easily change the resolution of any image with Fotor's image resolution changer. Resize your images online instantly while preserving their quality. Enjoy the convenience of fast and easy image resolution changes with just a few clicks.

Change the resolution of the photo with the hot air balloon
Three steps to change the resolution of the lavender landscape picture

How to Use Image Resolution Changer?

  • Upload Image: Click "Start for Free" and upload the image you want to resize.
  • Change Image Resolution: Use the image resizer tool to adjust the size of your image. Enter the desired dimensions in the "Width" and "Height" fields, or resize by adjusting the percentage.
  • Preview and Download: Once resized, preview the image and download it. You can continue to resize more images using the image resolution changer tool.
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Changing the resolution of the girl's personal portrait

How Does Image Resolution Changer Work?

Our image resolution changer provides the fastest way to resize images according to pixel dimensions or percentages, all while maintaining their aspect ratio, allowing you to preserve high resolution.

Batch resize images: Streamline the image resizing process by editing multiple photos simultaneously.

Change PNG resolution: Effortlessly resize PNG images online for free with our PNG resolution changer.

Change JPG resolution: Resize JPEG images instantly without compromising quality.

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Changing the resolution of the lake landscape photo without reducing image quality

Change Image Resolution without Hurting Quality

Changing the resolution of image can sometimes lead to a loss of quality and clarity. However, with Fotor, you can resize images worry-free. Whether you need to resize or upscale an image, we have the perfect solution for you.

Reduce image resolution: Fotor's image resolution changer tool is perfect for decreasing the resolution of an image. Easily shrink your images and make them smaller without compromising quality.

Upscale Images to 4k Resolution with AI: Need to enhance image resolution for superior quality? Fotor's AI image upscaler is here to help. It boosts image resolution to 4k while enhancing overall image quality.

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Change Image Resolution for All Your Needs

Resizing the girls portrait photo for various social media platforms

For Social Media Use

Unlock the power of our resolution changer to tailor your images flawlessly for any social media platform. Say goodbye to awkward cutouts and unsightly black bars. Whether it's a dynamic Facebook cover, a captivating Instagram story, or an attention-grabbing YouTube thumbnail, effortlessly adapt a single image for any content type. With the added convenience of batch resizing, streamline your social media presence without compromising image quality. Our fast and free tool guarantees your photos are fine-tuned to perfection, precisely tailored to the dimensions and file size you require.

Three different sizes of landscape photos

Custom resolution

Empower yourself with our tool to customize resolutions as you desire. Once prepared, effortlessly proceed to adjust your resolution by specifying either precise pixel dimensions or percentages.

Here are some popular image sizes:

Create square photo: 1080 x 1080

Create landscape photo: 600 x 400

Create header photo: 1500 x 500

Create portrait photo: 1080 x 1350

Create profile photo: 400 x 600

Aurora themed portraits for various electronic screens

For Different Screen

When you're tweaking photos for various online platforms, it can feel like navigating a maze. But fear not! Our free Image resolution changer is your trusty guide through the process. Easily resize images to meet your needs, whether you're sprucing up Shopify, fine-tuning your website, or optimizing for mobile web. From enhancing your online store visuals to perfecting blog graphics, our tool does it all seamlessly.

Adjusting the resolution and dimensions of multiple images for printing

Adjust Size for Print

Discover the perfect solution for resizing your images for print with Fotor's resolution changer tool. Streamline the process of adjusting photo dimensions for printing needs, effortlessly accommodating business cards, family portraits, letters, posters, greeting cards, and more. Ensure precise sizing for various print purposes with ease, while optimizing layouts to reduce paper waste.

Why Choose Our Resolution Changer

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Your Images Are Safe

Your files uploaded to Fotor are securely protected, ensuring no third-party access. Your copyright and other rights are always retained and never transferred to us.

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Fast Conversion

Simply upload your high-quality photo and specify your desired size. Our tool seamlessly resizes your images, eliminating any loss of quality.

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Available on iPhone & Android

Unlock the power of creativity on-the-go with our free app. Craft incredible images effortlessly, no matter where you are or when inspiration strikes.

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Add Multiple Files

With our tool, you can effortlessly resize multiple images simultaneously. Simply resize your images and save them hassle-free.

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User Friendly

Designed for all users, our tool requires no advanced knowledge, making image resizing a breeze.

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Unlimited Results

Our Image Resizer is completely free and allows unlimited use, enabling you to resize images online as many times as you need.

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