Online Pixel Character Maker

Adding a retro and artistic touch to your digital art by creating pixel art characters with Fotor online pixel character maker.

Unleash your pixel art inspiration and design unique pixel character drawing in minutes today!

Girl and boy colorful pixel characters
Blue hair female pixel character from text

Transform Your Text Into Pixel Art Character

Bring your imaginary character into retro pixel art by text prompt with Fotor pixel character maker. Turn your text as detailed as possible into our pixel art generator, choosing the pixel style and you will get infinite random pixel character images in seconds.

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Turn pink hair pixel boy character to ins avatar

Pixel Avatar maker

Design eye-catching pixel avatars or portraits to enhance social media accounts with our pixel character maker. Easy to generate personalized pixel characters with your own characteristics as an avatar or portrait for any purpose.

Level up your social media presence by creating a trendy pixel avatar with Fotor AI avatar generator and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

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Pink hair boy pixel character in youtube video

More Inspiration for Animated Pixel Art

Easy to generate ultimate pixel character designs for animation resources with our pixel art creator. With multiple customizable options of Fotor AI art generator, you can easily design pixel art characters into anime from text. Take your pixel animation to new heights and ignite your imagination with Fotor pixel character creator.

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Two retro game pixel characters

Create Engaging Pixel Character for Game

Design captivating pixel art characters for expanding game material with Fotor AI character generator. With a vast of customization, it’s easy to customize aspects, from facial to outfits for personalized pixel game characters.

Whether you're an indie game developer or part of a larger studio, Fotor's pixel character creator provides the resources you need to craft engaging game characters and game assets that captivate players.

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Three girl pixel characters nft cards

Endless Possibilities With Pixel Character Image

Bring more design inspiration and unleash your creativity in more fields with pixel character images. Fotor's pixel art generator gives NFT, digital art, and various graphic design needs a way to be realized and provides with more design ideas. Explore more possibilities on pixel art with Fotor today and experience the endless creativity of pixel character generator!

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Design pixel boy character in fotor

How to Make Pixel Character?

  • Click the “Make Pixel Character” button to get started.
  • Type the description for wanted pixel art character in the text bubble. Click “Generate” and choose “From Text” mode on the left toolbar. Describe as detail as possible to get best pixel art result.
  • You can adjust the number and style of the pixel art pictures generated by AI on the toolbar to perfect your pixel art character images.
  • Preview and download your pixel character images by clicking “Download” button.
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