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Turn rough line sketches to digital art in different styles with Fotor online AI sketch generator. Anyone can get the chance to convert sketch to photo artwork based on AI technology.

Turn girl sketch into colorful image with fotor ai sketch tool
Turn girl stech into colorful butterfly drawing with fotor ai sketch tool

Speed up Design Flow with AI Sketch

Transform your creative design ideas into perfect artworks based on rough sketch lines. The online AI sketch generator by Fotor provides the best service on convert sketches to images in a couple of clicks.

Speed up your workflow with a fast Sketch to image process and perfect results due to Fotor's powerful AI technology.

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Turn cat sketching into three types of coloring cat drawings with fotor ai sketch tool

Various AI Sketch Drawing Styles Are Available

For different types of sketches, Fotor offers different generation styles. Even if you are a novice designer, you can generate artwork with strong characteristics, such as Disney style, anime style and game art style.

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Turn portrait photo into sketch

Turn Photo to Sketch

Showcase your photos in a new and creative way by converting photo to sketch. Transform picture into sketch online with Fotor sketch converter.

Fotor AI image generator also provides a sketch style for you to create sketch drawing from text. Turn ordinary photo to digital art that captures the essence of your favorite memories.

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Transform boy line sketch into brown hair boy image

Spread You ideas with AI Sketch Generator

Looking for a powerful AI tool to help you bring your simple design thought into reality? Look no further than our AI sketch generator! Fotor AI can quickly analyze simple sketch drawing and algorithmically generate unlimited sketch ideas and images.

Whether you're a designer, artist or entrepreneur, our AI sketch generator is the perfect way to harvest sketch ideas and collect sketch drawing artwork.

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Convert flower sketching into coloring flower drawing with fotor ai sketch tool

How to Turn Sketch to Image?

  • Click “Try AI Sketch” button to sketch AI page. Upload your sketch outline drawing and click “Generate” button. You can choose the number of generate images as you want.
  • The drawing will be some photos after few seconds, and you can choose the style of you image to suit your taste.
  • You can further edit the generated photo as you need by clicking the “Edit” button to the editing page.
  • Preview and save your drawing by clicking “Download” button.
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