All You Need to Know about Tan Color: An Ultimate Guide

In this article, we will take an in-depth discussion about tan color, from its meaning & hex code to color schemes to graphic design applications, and more. - From Fotor

tan color

The color tan is a soft light brown color that works well with a variety of colors due to its soft brown tones, it is also a neutral color. You will see this wonderful and gentle color in many parts of your life. For example, woods and fireplaces, and you will also see many people wearing tan color dresses in the fall.

In this post, we’ll dive into all things tan color, you will delve into more information about tan color with this article, including its meaning and code, as well as color schemes and applications in graphic design.

Table of Contents:

  1. What Color is Tan?
  2. The Hex Code of Tan Color
  3. Beige VS Tan
  4. What Are the Different Shades of Tan Color?
  5. What Colors Go with Tan Color?
  6. Create Amazing Design with Tan Color
  7. Conclusion

What Color is Tan?

Tan (color) is a pale tone of brown, and the tan hex code is #D2B48C. Do you know its name is derived from tannum(or oak bark) used in tanning leather? Tan was first used as a color name in English in the 16th century. The color tan has a brown tone, mix brown and white, and add some yellow and red shades, then you will get this gentle light brown shade.

tan color landscape

What Colors Make Tan & How to Make Tan Color?

The tan color is a common neutral color and you will see this color in many places around you. In particular, there are also many people with tan skin tones. You may be painting portraits and want to know how to make tan skin colors, or you may want to add tan colors to your graphic design project. In any case, you should know what colors make tan.

a wall photo with three different brown colors

To get the desired tan shade, combine a lot of white paint with a little bit of brown paint. For a darker tan color, and earthier tone, you can add a little red paint stroke; for a lighter shade, you can add a light yellow tint. If you think your tan color is too dark, you can add more white, or add more brown for a darker shade. Try adding some red and yellow paint until you get the tan you want.

The Meaning of Tan Color

Color conveys the message and affects the viewer's emotions. As a result, you should think about what the color means while using tan color in your design. Tan color has the same connotations as brown. It promotes comfort and stability, as do the other tan brown shades in the brown family, and it also conveys a feeling of simplicity.

tan rock and sea

Additionally, the tan color also symbolizes growth, warmth, reliability, security, healing, and home because of its earthy color resemblance. Moreover, the color tan gives a sense of history and connection, as well as comfort, peace, relaxation, calm and warmth. It also encompasses the concept of "natural" or "organic".

Since tan is a neutral color that makes you feel comfortable, you can easily match it with other colors.

The Hex Code of Tan Color

Hex color codes are numbers that specify how much of a color to show on the display. The numbers represent color values ranging from 0 to 255 using specific coding. It can help you quickly distinguish between colors that are similar. The tan color code is #D2B48C.

Information about Tan

Hex #D2B48C is made of 82.4% red, 70.6% green and 54.9% blue in a RGB color space. And it is made of 0% cyan, 14% magenta, 33% yellow and 18% black in a CMYK color space.

Tan Color Conversion

The hex color tan (#D2B48C) has RGB values of R: 82.4, G: 70.6, B: 54.9 and CMYK values of C: 0, M: 0.14, Y: 0.33, K:0.18.

74.976, 5.021, 24.428
RGB DECIMAL210, 180, 140XYZ47.634, 48.239, 31.608
RGB PERCENTAGE82.4, 70.6, 54.9XYY0.374, 0.378, 48.239
CMYK0, 14, 33, 18CIE-LCH74.976, 24.939, 78.385
HSL34.3°, 43.7, 68.6CIE-LUV74.976, 21.605, 32.134
HSV (OR HSB)34.3°, 33.3, 82.4HUNTER-LAB69.455, 4.658, 18.542
WEB SAFEcccc99BINARY11010010, 10110100, 10001100

Beige VS Tan

Beige (#F5F5DC) and tan are color terms often used interchangeably, but they actually refer to two different shades. Given how similar their shades are—both are neutrals and muted colors with undertones of brown—it is easy to understand why this confusion exists.

beige color and tan color

The main difference between beige and tan is that the former is more of a mild, grey tan color, whilst the latter leans more toward brown. The color tan doesn't have beige's gray or yellow undertones. Tan is hence perceived as being warmer than beige and beige as being more neutral.

What Are the Different Shades of Tan Color?

Like all colors, the tan color comes in a variety of shades and with different tan color names. By adding white or black to tan to make it lighter or darker to give it different tan shades.

four different tan color shades

Brandy (#DABC94)

The Light Tan color code is #DABC94, it has more white undertones than tan, so visually it looks bright and gives people a warm and comfortable feeling.

Desert Tan (#C49E78)

The Desert Tan color code is #C49E78. Desert Tan is a warm neutral color, tan with rich brown undertones. You can capture the sunbaked warmth of a desert landscape, this yellowish Desert Tan is the representative color of luxury.

Tan Brown (#AB7E4C)

Tan Brown is a warm color, or you can also call it Brown Tan color, which is primarily a color from the Yellow color family. It has some tan yellow tones, but is darker.

Windsor Tan (#A75502)

Windsor Tan is a famous variation of the tan color. This hue makes people feel warm and enthusiastic because of its orange basis, which can be seen as a tan orange color.

What Colors Go with Tan Color?

Are you looking for colors that go with tan in your project? Finding colors that pair tan well can be accomplished by utilizing color theory. We have selected several tan color schemes for you to go with tan. Follow the tan color palette below and see what colors match tan.

sands with two different tan colors

Complementary Color:

Two colors on the color wheel that are opposite one another make up the complementary color scheme. The tan color is called the base color in this instance, and the color Ceil (#8CA8D1) is the complimentary color to tan, called the compliment.

a confrontation photo between the color tan and the color ceil

Split Complementary Colors:

Three colors make up the split complimentary color scheme. Here, the base tan color is matched with Sherwin Williams After the Rain (#8CCBD1) and Dahlia (#918CD1) (the two colors on either side of the complement color Ceil.)

mint blue and purple color with a tan background

Analogous Colors:

Three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel make form the analogous color scheme. They are Sherwin Williams Dancing Green (#CBD18C) and Resounding Rose (#D1918C).

green color and rose color and tan color

Monochromatic Colors:

To make a monochromatic color palette, try matching the tan color with Brandy (#DABC94), Calico (#E2C49C), Gold (#E8CAA2), Maize (#F1D3AB), Peach Yellow (#FBDDB5), and Negroni (#FFE5BD).

six different colors go with tan

Create Amazing Design with Tan Color

Ready to use the tan color schemes above to inspire your tan aesthetic and create an amazing design? Whether you want to change your photo background to a tan background, or design your Facebook cover based on the tone of tan, Fotor graphic designer has you covered.

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Design Now

Fotor offers types of design templates, so you can freely choose a design template and apply it, then use your creativity to change everything, from the text to the background color and even the size. The color wheel in Fotor graphic designer makes it easy to quickly pick color codes from images and generate color palettes you want. To get the standard tan color, just simply enter the tan hex code.

create a facebook cover with tan color in fotor

Take designing a Facebook cover with a tan shade as an example, you just need to follow the steps below to create a unique project in minutes.

  1. Open the page of Facebook cover templates, and choose the one you like.
  2. Replace the images, text, elements, etc. in the template to your liking and, most importantly, create the tan background for your project. To get the tan color, just select the background and simply enter the tan hex code in the color wheel.
  3. You can also enhance your design with Fotor's rich editing tools.


You might now have a better grasp of tan color after reading the introduction to this post. Hopefully, the definitions, color code, and color schemes for practical application in Fotor graphic design will inspire you. Create your stunning photos using tan right away!