AI Manga Filter

Instantly convert your photos to cartoonish manga photos by applying AI manga filter online, or generate your own anime character from the text. Use Fotor for all your image generation needs!

Turn a girl headshot into anime with AI manga filter in Fotor
Convert a girl image into manga with the AI manga filter in Fotor

Convert Portrait to Manga in a Snap

Effortlessly turn your images into manga-style artwork using the AI manga filter in an instant. Fotor allows you to quickly convert your favorite selfies or portraits into a captivating and visually striking manga creation. Experience the fun and creativity of seeing yourself or your loved ones in a whole new light with just a few clicks. Now, it's time to create your own unique manga images and share them on your Instagram or TikTok!

Apply AI Manga Filter
Turn a dog photo into cute cartoon manga with Fotors AI image generator

Turn Pet Picture into Cartoon

Give your beloved pet photos a playful makeover by converting them into delightful cartoon images. Using the advanced AI manga filter, you can effortlessly transform your furry friends into captivating and amusing manga characters. Whether it's for sharing on social media or creating personalized gifts, transferring photo to cartoon art is a charming and entertaining way to celebrate your love for your manga companions.

Apply AI Manga Filter
Generate AI anime girl from text to image with Fotor AI anime generator

Generate Anime Character from Text

In addition to converting your photo to anime or manga, you can also create a character from text. By simply typing a detailed description of the character you have in mind, the AI anime filter will create a visual representation of your envisioned anime character. Fotor offers a fascinating and innovative way to materialize your ideas, allowing you to see your creative concepts come to life as vibrant and captivating anime characters.

Apply AI Manga Filter
Create a manga image with AI manga filyer in Fotor

How to Turn an Image into Manga?

  • Click the “Apply AI Manga Filter” button to go to our AI image generator.
  • Then, click "From Image" on the left, and upload the image that you want to make into manga.
  • Wait for the AI tool to turn your photo into cartoon in seconds, and you will have three manga images in different style.
  • Finally, preview and download your manga image.
Apply AI Manga Filter