Add Sepia Filter to Photo Online

Add a sepia filter to your image online for free. Create a warm sepia photo with Fotor's filter tool and give your photo a retro-romantic look in minutes.

Add the sepia filter to a woman portrait with fotors filter tool
Apply the sepia filter to a portrait and adjust the intensity with fotor

Easily Create Sepia Photos with the Sepia Filter

Make a sepia tone photo with Fotor's easy-to-use and powerful sepia color filter, no edit skills are required. To create a retro image with the brown tint, upload it and select the sepia effect, and use the slider to adjust the filter intensity as needed. Fotor makes it easy to adjust your sepia level, giving your images the right amount of warm tones to reveal their vintage ambiance.

Add Sepia Filter Now
Add a sepia filter to a building photo with fotor to make it look retro

Apply a Sepia Tone Filter for a Retro Look

Adding a sepia tone filter is one of the best options for editing photos from the past, you can easily give your old photos a warm and nostalgic atmosphere using this effect. Sepia pictures appear hazy and warm. When you convert your photos to sepia, the sepia image effect will make your photos look more vintage and romantic, and reminiscent of the past. Try adding a sepia filter to your photos with Fotor instantly!

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Add a sepia filter to a car photo with fotor app

Easy to Use Sepia Filter App

Fotor's sepia filter app make you are able to edit photos on the go, and it is available for both iOS and Android. It comes with a library of exclusive photo effects and professional editing tools, no matter where and when can you create stunning pictures. Download it now!

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Add different photo effects to photos with fotor photo editor

More Photo Filters at Your Fingertips

Get amazing effects to stand out on your social media with more amazing photo filters and effects. Add a cool effect or a funky effect to your photo to make it more trendy. Try one of our popular filters to get your creative juices flowing! Plus, you can enhance your photos like a pro with Fotor's built-in set of editing features, and convert your photos into masterpieces with just a few clicks!

Add Sepia Filter Now
Make a sepia image with fotors sepia filter

How to Add a Sepia Filter to Image?

  • Click the button "Add Sepia Filter Now" to go to the edit page.
  • Upload your image or drag and drop it to the canvas directly.
  • Select "Effects" tool on the left, and find the "Sepia" in the "Retro" column.
  • Adjust the filter intensity as needed and use the range of editing tools provided by Fotor to further optimize your image.
  • Download your sepia photo and share it.
Add Sepia Filter Now


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