Free Online Makeup Photo Editor

Add trendy makeup on your portrait photos in minutes with the makeup photo editor online for free. Easy photo retouching enhances your portrait making it look beautiful and natural.

Remove blemishes from portrait with Fotors makeup photo editor
Fix portrait blemishes

Retouch Photo in Minutes

Fotor's makeup photo editor helps you to enhance your portraits and photos, bring out your photos in minutes. Easily and comprehensively retouch photos online without losing texture, from the skin to body shape.

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Remove wrinkles from a portrait with fotors wrinkle remover

One-Tap Skin Retouch with the Best Online Face Editor

Retouch skin has never been so easy with the 1-tap skin retouch tool, you can easily smooth your skin in photos with one click. Fotor's face editor will automatically retouch your skin in seconds, from even skin to removing blemishes, making your skin look smoother and more flawless while retaining its original skin texture.

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Add eyeshadow to a portrait with Fotors eye shadow tool

Makeup Eyes with Free Strokes

Add makeup to your eyes to make them look more beautiful. With the help of Fotor's eye makeup photo editor, you can give your eyes a full range of retouches, from eye shadow to eyeliner, and more. You can free to paint over your eyes as much as you want, giving the appearance that you are doing makeup on your real face!

You can also change your eye color in seconds, use the red eye editor to fix red eyes. Fotor makes touching up your eyes easy!

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Add lip tint to a woman portairt

Add Lip Tint with Colors

Want to make your lip look more plump and rosy? Try the lip tint tool, use the brush to add colorful strokes to your lips, and make your lips look more rosy and plump in just a few clicks!

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Whitening teeth on photo

Whiten Teeth in Photo

Don't let the coffee and tea-stained teeth ruin your photos. With the help of Fotor, you can whiten your teeth in photo quickly and effectively. Having a luminescent smile has never been so easy!

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Retouch images with fotors blemish fix toolreshape tool and blush tool

Do More with Touchup Photo Editor

Do more with other touchup tools. Fotor's photo retoucher also provides you with reshape tool to make you have a perfect body shape with just a few clicks. The blush tool is also one of the most popular tools. In addition, you can combine the face editor with other basic editing tools to enhance your photo in all aspects, try it out now!

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Whiten teeth with Fotor app

Enjoy the Convenience of a Face Makeup App

Get Fotor's free makeup app to refine selfies on your phone whenever you need to. Add makeup to your photos with just a few taps. Whether you want to use the Fotor app on your Android or iOS device, or even on your desktop, we've got you covered. Edit your face here, there, and everywhere!

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How to Do Makeup on Pictures with Photo Makeup Editor?

  • Click the button "Makeup Photo Now" to get started.
  • Drag and drop or upload the photo that you want to do makeup on.
  • Locate “Beauty” on the left menu bar. Select a retouch tool as needed. Take the "Blemish Fix" tool as an example.
  • Resize the brush to your desired size and click on the blemish in your photo, the brush strokes will naturally cover the blemish.
  • Finally, download your photo in the file format you need.
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