Free Online Teeth Whitening Photo Editor

Fotor’s teeth whitener makes it extremely easy and quick for you to whiten teeth in photos.

All it takes is a few simple clicks, and you can get rid of any stains on your teeth right away.

Try it out and make your smile extra bright and shiny. Say Cheese!

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Whiten Your Teeth in an Instant

Whiten Your Teeth in an Instant

Don’t worry about the stains on your teeth showing up in a photo. Make your teeth pearly white with the outstanding Fotor’s online teeth whitener. Choose a brush size and apply it wherever you want and adjust the intensity to quickly negate bad lighting and fade away the stains for a natural look.

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Beautify the Overlook

No more yellow teeth in your photo ever again. No more stains on your teeth in photo ever again. Instantly whiten teeth and remove stains and other unwanted things on your photo with Fotor’s online photo editor. Recover your glittering smile quickly in the pictures, post them on social media with confidence and win many likes in minutes.

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Fotor Free Teeth Whitening Tool

Free Teeth Whitening Tool with Fotor

Although there are many photo editors that offer a teeth whitener tool, not all of them are free. Fortunately, Fotor’s teeth whitening tool is 100% free to use! No credit card needed, no strings attached. Try it now to make your teeth as white as pearls and have your smile shine even brighter!

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How to Whiten Teeth in Photos?

  • Click the "Start Whitening Teeth Now" button on this page to open the editing page.
  • Upload your image by clicking "Open Image" or dragging it to the editing area.
  • Click "Beauty" and find the "Teeth Whitening" tool.
  • Hold down the mouse and drag it to clear away any stains from the teeth, and make your teeth whiter.
  • Moreover, you can change the brush size and brush intensity by sliding the slider.
  • When you are satisfied, click the "Download" button to save your picture.
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