How to Get Rid of Eye Bags Effectively in Seconds

Summary: This is a post on how to get rid of eye bags, including what causes eye bags, useful tips on how to get rid of eye bags, and most importantly how to get rid of eye bags in your photos with Fotor.

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Are you anxious about the annoying eye bags right now? Are you dissatisfied with your selfie because of the eye bags? Actually, eye bags have always been an issue of anxiety for numerous people. As we grow older naturally , eye bags creep up on our cheeks .

What's worse, other factors are also exacerbating the growth of under-eye bags. Staying up late, anxiety, stress, alcohol, and smoking can make your under-eye puffiness problem worse.

If you are looking for ways to get rid of eye bags, we are here to help you. Below we will share some knowledge about the under-eye bags problem and tips on how to get rid of eye bags. If you want to get rid of eye bags in your photos, we can help you solve it easily!

Causes of Eye Bags

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Besides the factors mentioned above, there are many other factors that can also cause eye bags. Below we will share 4 of the commonly mentioned causes:

1. Genetic Factor

Nowadays, if the young people have visible eye bags, it may be related to genetic factors in most cases. So experts say that primary under-eye bags often have a family history of inheritance, mostly seen in young people, and too much fat in the eye orbit is its main cause.

2. Natural Aging

Eye bags usually form with age, so it is said to be a symbol of aging among the middle-aged and elderly people.

Physiologically, the skin under the eyes is the thinnest skin part of the human body. Moreover, the skin under the eyes has a lot of movement, and people blink on average 10,000 times a day, so it is easy to form bags under the eyes.

3. Inadequate Rest

Long-term staying up late without enough rest is also the reason for the formation of under-eye bags. Nowadays, people's work pressure is increasing, and long-term eye fatigue makes the collagen and elastic fibers in the skin start to lose slowly. The fat in the eyes starts to accumulate and form bags under the eyes.

4. Unhealthy Diet

The formation of bags under the eyes is directly related to the function of the spleen. It affects muscle function and fat metabolism in the body directly.

If the spleen and stomach do not function properly, the skin and muscles will lack nutrition and become saggy, resulting in bags under the eyes. Thus, your diet has a great influence on the eye bags.

How to Get Rid of Eye Bags

There are many ways to eliminate under-eye bags, but not every method is effective in removing them, and some even exacerbate the problem. Below we will share some effective ways for you.

1. How to Get Rid of Eye Bags Instantly with 2 Quick Tips

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Because they have to attend important meetings or meet important people, some people need to eliminate the eye bags in a very short time effectively. Here we will share a few two quick and effective ways.

Try a Concealer

Concealers are by no means new to people who wear makeup. Using concealer can quickly cover up skin imperfections, no matter what kind of facial blemish problem you have, using the right concealer can immediately help you get rid of the eye bags and make you look fabulous.

Use a Cold Spoon

Pseudopuffiness under the eyes caused by the stress of work, insufficient rest and other factors can be quickly eliminated by using an ice-cold spoon.

According to the principle of heat expansion and cold contraction, take out the metal iron spoon after chilling for 1 minute, and press the back of the spoon gently against the position of the eye bags for about 30 seconds on each side, and stick to it, you can find it effective.

2. How to Get Rid of Eye Bags Naturally by Having Skin Care

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Use Eye Cream

Compared to other skin parts, the eye area is the one that needs more attention in our daily skin care. Because the skin tissue under the eyes is thin and tender, and the muscles are rich, it is more prone to have skin problems.

Eye creams are rich in essential ingredients that can help solve problems such as puffiness under the eyes. As long as you stick to your skin care and apply eye creams, you will definitely get a good result.

Stay Hydrated

Your skin problem may also be caused by dehydrated skin. Human body needs enough water for its new metabolism. Keeping hydrated allows your skin to reduce the formation of puffy eyes from the inside out.

3. How to Get Rid of Eye Bags Permenantly with Medical Treatment

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Some people may find the methods mentioned above troublesome beacuse they need to have these operations every day. Don't worry, you can also use medical methods to get rid of eye bags rationally according to your needs.

Although this method allows you to remove eye bags at once and eye bags will not bother you in the short term. But not everyone is suitable for medical eye bag removal due to their individual health conditions. You must take your own situation into consideration and evaluate whether it is necessary for you to use medical eye bag removal method or not.

How to Make Your Selfie Without Eye Bags

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Remove Portrait's Eyebags Now

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The following are the steps to get rid of eye bags in Fotor:

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  4. Download and save your photos (png and jpeg formats supported).


In this blog, we share some tips to get rid of eye bags. You can choose one to remove under-eye bags as needed, please make sure to choose these methods according to your actual situation.

We also share how to remove bags under the eyes in photos. We highly recommend you to use Fotor, a powerful image editor to help you with all your image-related problems!