How to Make Aesthetics Photos Easily: 6 Expert Tips

Summary: In this article, we will share 6 tips on how you can create aesthetic pictures. We will help you with insightful tips to become a better photographer.

What exactly is an aesthetic picture? Aesthetic photographs are loosely categorized and there really is no clear definition to cover or explain it clearly. If a photograph grabs your attention and draws you in, then it has a strong sense of beauty. And an aesthetically pleasing picture is one whose subject, color, composition, etc. are appealing to the viewer.

While aesthetic literally refers to a style or theme specific to an artist, it can also be used when talking about beauty in general. Aesthetics are eye-catching and appealing. When it comes to photography, especially photos taken for Instagram and social media, aesthetics is everything. Aesthetic editing skills are crucial to your work.

How Do You Take Aesthetic Pictures

Have you ever had a moment where you looked at all the Instagram bloggers and their aesthetic photos and wished you could create images that were pleasing to the eye?

We have all tried to create or even replicate a certain aesthetic. However, in most cases, when it comes to taking aesthetic photos, we either lack the knowledge or the skills, or both.

Don’t worry! 6 tips are given as follows to help you make aesthetically pleasing photos.

Start with an Excellent Composition

a woman composing the photo

In photography, composition is how you choose your subject, what you decide to include in the frame, and the way you capture all those things with your camera. It simply means a way of putting things together. No matter what the end use of your photo is, or where you intend to publish it, a great composition is essential.

Most importantly, The Rule of Thirds should be followed. It is one of the most popular composition techniques in photography. It means dividing the scene with two vertical lines and two horizontal lines, placing the subject on the dividing line or point, or distributing the picture in thirds to make the subject stand out while retaining a proper sense of space, making the photo more aesthetically pleasing. This method can make your photo look more balanced and natural.

In addition to the above rule, you can also explore more ways to compose a picture, such as adding symmetry, looking for leading lines, and using contrast and so forth.

Pick a Specific Theme

books, mugs and cameras on the mat

You can't have an aesthetic photo for Instagram without a specific theme. Think about what kind of content you want to shoot and stick to it.

Most successful content creators on the Instagram or other social media platforms stick to one theme for their photos, whether it's fashion, art, food or travel, it's important to identify your aesthetic theme and stick to it. Every artist has his or her own unique style. And you should find your own style as well.

For example, if your work is a travel photo with an Americana feel, then a super-saturated Polaroid-style image may be suitable. This is because the film grain effect will add a nostalgic feel to the image. And an island photo might use saturated colors. It's not just about the subject, but also about capturing the aesthetic background in your photos.

Use Natural and Simple Lights

table lamps and other things in natural light

Lighting is one of the most significant things when it comes to photography. It can make a photo a masterpiece or a complete failure. In many cases, flash can reduce the saturation of colors. If you are looking for more color aesthetics, then flash is your worst enemy.

An excellent way of taking aesthetic photos is to just stick with natural light. The more diffuse the light is, the better.

To take pictures with aesthetics, then you'd better do it around 9am or around the golden hour of sunset. This is because these two times of day bring out the richest colors in a picture. You can take a warm photo with sunny colors in the evening, or a colorful "fresh" photo in the morning.

Pay Attention to Details and Shooting Angles

low-angle shot of the building

Little details can make big differences. Details such as dress, location, etc. can directly affect the aesthetic effect you want to achieve. If you want an aesthetically pleasing portrait, you should consider behavior, style, setting and almost every little detail you can think of and think about what kind of message you want to convey and what kind of feeling you want to achieve.

If you want to shoot in the style of the 80s-90s. Then when taking photos of that aesthetic, you should consider finding something iconic about that style or era and reflecting it in your photos so that you get the images with the aesthetic you want.

Just like lights, shooting angle is also a key factor in taking aesthetic photos. The angle can change the perspective of your photo and the way the information is presented. You can try shooting from a lower angle, a side angle, or a top-down angle. For example, when you are shooting on the beach, it is best to shoot from a lower angle.

Consider Using Filters or Presets

books and mugs on the table

Experimenting with filters (or photo editing presets) can achieve the aesthetic look you're chasing. A great way to take aesthetic photos is to check out tutorials and how-to videos on the Internet that relate to the exact style you want.

Many photographers and social media personalities are able to gain followers and traffic with aesthetically pleasing photos. So many of them have started selling or giving away filter packs. They can adapt your images to that photographer's aesthetic style in a single click.

Using filters is a great way to get started, but don't let them become a hindrance to your creativity.

Be Confident in Your Photos and Stop Copping

architecture in pink light and shadow

We encourage the use of filters, but not to hinder your creativity and copy others' styles wholesale. When it comes to photography, it is almost impossible to copy someone else's style. Applying only generic filters will never get you that novel look, but may instead make you look like a copycat.

The goal is always to create something unique with creativity built in, not just to copy and paste someone else's stuff. And the reason for trying to copy the aesthetic is a lack of confidence in your own work.

If you keep to copy someone else's style, there is a good chance that you will fail because you will not be able to reach some standard or goal set by someone else. You should find your own style and create your own original content.

Apply Aesthetic Editing Tips Using Fotor

Taking aesthetic photos requires a certain amount of skill and expertise. In addition to following basic shooting tips, you can also use online photo editing tools to create images with aesthetic appeal.

Photo effects templates


Powerful AI-driven editing tools like background remover, crop image, AI enlarger, object remover, one-tab skin retouch, AI art effects, etc.

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Create an Aesthetic Photo Now

Fotor is a powerful online photo editor with various editing tools. For example, after taking a picture and suddenly finding some obtrusive items in the photo, you can use Fotor’s object remover to eliminate them. Besides, you can also use our free image cropper to crop the picture and keep the parts you want to keep.

What's more, Fotor has a wide variety of photo effects, preset templates and aesthetic backgrounds to use. In short, we can help you make aesthetic pictures easily.


In this post, we have shared the top 6 tips on how to make aesthetic photos, covering the principles of composition, theme, lighting, details and shooting angles. By strictly following these shooting principles and using Fotor as a powerful tool, you can become an expert photographer and make a lot of aesthetic photos. Hope you find this blog helpful.