Free Online Long Hair Filter

Wondering if the long-hair look is good for you? With Fotor's free online long hair filter, you can convert your hair from short to long in just seconds.

Use AI to do a virtual hairstyle try-on and get a stunning result today!

Change a girls short hair into long hair using Fotors AI long hair filter
Make womens hair longer with AI long hair filter

Instantly Transform Short Hair into Long with a Long Hair Filter

Transforming your short hair into long hair is incredibly simple with our long hair filter. Powered by advanced AI technology, Fotor automatically detects your hairstyle and seamlessly connects it with long hair, creating a natural and realistic result. Whether you're looking to experiment with a virtual hairstyle test or simply want to have some fun, just upload a photo of your short hair, and Fotor will effortlessly turn it into a stunning long hair look within seconds.

Try Long Hair Filter for Free
Make a womans hair longer with Fotor AI long hair filter

Virtual Hairstyle Try-On

With Fotor's AI long hair filter, discovering your dream long hair look has never been easier. Engage in a hassle-free virtual hair try-on online, experiment with various long hairstyles effects with a few cliks, and without the concern of it not suiting you. Moreover, Fotor also offers a long hair filter app for you to convert your short hair to long hair anytime and anywhere.

Try Long Hair Filter for Free
Lengthen a mans curly hair and post it on instagram

Have Fun with Long Hair Filter

Amaze your family and friends with a sophisticated long-hair look that will blow their minds. Try our AI hairstyles filter to create a new virtual appearance for you. Effortlessly transition your current short hair into a sophisticated long version. Share your exciting new hairstyle with your loved ones through social media and create moments of joy!

Try Long Hair Filter for Free
Before and after result of hair color try on

Test Hair Color with Hair Filter

In addition to providing a long hair filter to do virtual hairstyle try-on, Fotor also offers a hair color changer tool to experiment with and test various hair colors online. Whether you want to change your hair color to red or purple, Fotor empowers you to envision your perfect look. Unleash your creativity, play with different shades, and confidently find the ideal hairstyle and color that resonate with your unique personality.

Try Long Hair Filter for Free
Use Fotors AI long hair filter to convert a girls short hair to long hair

How to Use Fotor Long Hair Filter Online?

  • Click the button "Try Long Hair Filter for Free" to get started.
  • Upload your short hair image, and apply our long hair filter.
  • With a seconds, Fotor will transform your short hair into a stunning long hair version.
  • You can also do a hair color try-on to see which color suits you best.
  • Download and share your long hair image to friends and families.
Try Long Hair Filter for Free