Mirror Image in One Click

Easily mirror your picture with Fotor. Just upload your photo, and apply a mirror effect to your images. The horizontal and vertical effects are available.

Mirror animal image with Fotor's mirror image photo editor
Mirror portrait picture to create amazing design

Get Creative Pictures by Mirroring Profile Picture

Use Fotor's image mirrorer to quickly flip portrait photos or person images. In a collage layout, get creative design by using the original and mirrored pics for a symmetrical effect. Immediately use the image mirror tool to amaze people.

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Mirror landscape image to get reflection effect

Reverse Landscape or Urban Scenes Photos to Achieve a Mirror Effect

The reflection of a city or landscape is so charming. Can't shoot? Use Fotor to flip images with one click, and easily add mirror or reflection effects to your pictures. No complicated process, just click flip to achieve all.

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Fotor's mirror image app

Mirror an Image on Mirror Image App

Not only can you mirror your image online, but you can also use our mirror image APP for iOS and android to complete your operations on your phone. Reverse your photos with Fotor at any time and anywhere. Download it now.

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How to Mirror an Image?

  • Mirroring a picture is so easy with Fotor. First, click the button "Mirror Image Now", and upload your desired image to flip. We support JPG and PNG formats.
  • Click the “Rotate & Flip” tool at the left tool menu to mirror your photo vertically or horizontally.
  • Make your picture more creative with our other tools. Add stickers and icons, apply effects, rotate, crop, and so on.
  • When you are satisfied with your final photo, click "Download" to save your image mirror.
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Mirror Picture FAQs

What is mirror image?

How to mirror an image on phone?

Online Mirror Images in Minutes with Fotor

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