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Mirror PNG in seconds with our free online PNG mirror tool. Create horizontally or vertically mirrored PNG images to maximize your graphic designs.

Horizontally mirror a dog transparent png with fotor png mirror tool
Horizontally mirror a woman portrait and vertically mirror a cityscape photo

Mirror PNG Horizontally or Vertically With Ease

Let your graphic designs go further than just a flat image. Mirroring an image is not just flipping an image, it creates a reflection effect for your images. With our PNG mirror tool, you can either horizontally mirror PNG to add a creative touch to your daily portraits. Or vertically mirror PNG images to create enchanting landscape photography. With just a few clicks, you can get things done. Try now!

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Vertically mirror a night cityscape with fotor mirror image tool

Mirror PNG Images to Achieve Symmetry Aesthetics

Elevate your ordinary pictures into art masterpieces using our online PNG mirror tool! By mirroring PNG, you can create a symmetrical mirror effect and get a well-balanced and proportional photo. The mirror image is perfect for landscape and cityscape photos. Give it a try now to infuse your photos with a unique touch, making them distinctive from the crowd!

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Change font and add filter to the mirrored woman portrait png

Personalize Your Mirrored PNG Images For Stunning Effects

With a wide variety of photo editing and design tools powered by Fotor, you can personalize your flipped PNG image to fit your liking. Add icons or shapes and flip them to better fit your mirror design, or add text on your mirrored image to create a stunning poster. Or apply amazing photo filters to maximize the visual effects.

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How to Mirror a PNG Image?

  • Click the button "Mirror PNG Now", and upload your PNG image.
  • Select the “Rotate&Flip” tool at the left toolbar to mirror your PNG image vertically or horizontally.
  • Make your picture more creative with other tools offered by Fotor. Add icons and shapes, apply effects, rotate, crop, and so on.
  • When you’re satisfied with your final photo, click "Download" to save your mirrored PNG.
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Mirror PNG FAQs

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