Create Double Exposure Photo in Seconds

Make an amazing double exposure effect online. Inspire your creativity with Fotor, overlay photos together to give them a new look in seconds. Creating double exposure images has never been easier.

Three portraits with double exposure effect
Combine two images into a double exposure photo

Ease to Make a Unique Photo with a Double Exposure Effect

Fotor Photo Editor makes it easy to create the photo double exposure effect. Upload and overlay images, slightly adjusting the photo's parameters, and you'll get a surprising magical result. Do double exposure online without professional skills. Nothing is cooler than double exposure/multiple exposure photos. Come and try it!

Double Exposure
Combine a portrait and a landscape photo

Make Double Exposure Photos More Natural

Making natural double exposure for photos is very easy. Use Fotor photo editor to combine two photos, and freely adjust the transparency of one of them to achieve a natural effect. To adjust the exposure level of a picture, select the photo you want to edit, click on the "Effects" option and slide the exposure slider.

Double Exposure
Three double exposure portraits with different filters

Create Double Exposure Photo with Filters

Fotor photo editor offers a wide range of artistic effects and filters for users to choose from. You can even add different filters to each of the two photos in your double exposure photo. The retro filter instantly brings you back to the 80s, and the black and white filter makes it cool. It's never been easier to create colorful and stunning double exposure photographs.

Double Exposure
Make a double exposure photo in fotor photo editor

How to Make a Double Exposure Photo Online?

  • Click the button "Double Exposure", and upload your photos to the cloud.
  • Select a photo in the cloud and it will immediately appear on the canvas. Adjust the parameters of the photo, such as brightness, and exposure, and choose a suitable filter for it.
  • Drag another photo from the cloud onto the photo on the canvas, and the two photos will overlap.
  • Select the top photo and move the photo to the right position. Adjust the transparency, and exposure of the photo, add filters to the photo, etc.
  • A perfect double exposure photo is finished!
Double Exposure

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