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Add film grain to photos quickly with Fotor's free online editor! Instant to improve the overall look of your images with Fotor’s film grain effect!

add film grain to a black and white female image with fotor
apply film grain effect to female face with different intensities in fotor

Enhance Photo Details With Film Grain Texture

As a textural component of the photochemical film, film grain effect makes a purely visual look to your photo with a film grain texture. Just upload your photo in Fotor’s free online photo editor, it’s easy to get high-resolution film grain texture for a more film-like atmosphere. Just try!

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a female by the sea image with film grain effect

Create Startling and Iconic Images With Film Grain

Images express your feelings and attitudes. Film grain helps smooth out the color gradation and adds a special emotion to your images. Try to generate emotional visual effects with film grain. Try adding grain to photos with Fotor’s free film grain effects now!

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add film grain to female image

Easy to Add Realism to Game Image With Film Grain

Film grain effect has recreated the aesthetics in digital images and it can add realism to games. So as a way to emulate the look of high-end CG, film grain brings an extremely film-like look to the games.

Film grain works as 3D game shaders that make you feel like you are in the scenes. Start to photoshop film grain with Fotor’s film grain tool. Have a try!

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How to Add Film Garin to Photo?

  • Click the button "Add Film Grain Now"and upload the photo to optimize.
  • Choose the tool "Film Grain" on the left tool menu.
  • Slide Intensity and Roughness left and right to adjust the film grain effect as needed, and don't forget to click "Apply".
  • Customize your film grain photo to perfection with Fotor’s free editing tools.
  • Download the photos (PNG and JPG supported).
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