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Add Noise to An Image Online for Free

Add noise to images instantly with Fotor's online photo editor for free!

Upload your photo now and add a grain filter to it to make it retro-chic in seconds.

Add noise to a woman portrait with fotors noise filter
Before and after adding noise to a photo

Make a Noise Picture Instantly

You can easily make image grain with Fotor's grain filter online. To add noise to image, simply upload the image you want to edit, apply the noise filter, and finally adjust the intensity by moving the slider. Then you will get a perfect noise picture with a vintage effect in seconds without professional skills. Adding noise to an image has never been easier!

Add Noise to Image
Create a design with Fotors film grain effect

Create a Trendy Design by Adding Noise to An Image

You can never go wrong with being bold in your designs. Let your imagination run wild and combine Fotor's film grain filter with design templates to create unique designs! Using the grainy effect to transform your ordinary photo into an impressive design. Trust us, the grainy photo filter will take your designs to the next level!

Add Noise to Image
Add noise to an oil painting with fotors film grain tool

Bring a Nostalgic Feeling to Your Image With Film Grain

Fotor makes it easy to blend modern and vintage looks. Add noise to image to make them look like old photos from the 80s. Use the grain filter to quickly add grain and nostalgic textures to your photos for a vintage art photo. It's easy to give your photos a nostalgic look without any photoshop skills. Make your vintage noise photos to share on social media now!

Add Noise to Image
Add different filters to photo

Edit Noise Pictures with More Photo Effects

Try applying different photo effects to your photos to create eye-catching designs. In addition to adding grain to photos, Fotor's noise image generator supports a wide range of photo effects and filters that you can combine with other basic editing tools to edit, such as adjusting the brightness, contrast, and tones of your images, and even give your portraits a further touch-up.

Add Noise to Image
Download a noise image in jpg and png format

Export Grainy Photo in High-resolution

Although your noisy photos have a retro-grainy effect, that doesn't mean you need to compromise on their resolution. With Fotor's noise image generator, you can add noise to image without losing its quality, and you can download your noise picture in HD JPG and PNG file formats in seconds!

Add Noise to Image
Add noise to picture with fotors film grain tool

How to Add Noise to Image?

  • First, click the button "Add Noise to Image" and upload the image that you want to edit.
  • Go to "Adjust" and find the tool "Film Grain". You will see that this effect will instantly be applied to your photo.
  • Adjust the intensity and roughness of the filter to meet the effect you want. And don't forget to click "Apply".
  • You can also combine other creative filters and other editing tools provided by Fotor to make further designs and make your photos look even more nostalgic!
  • Finally, download your work in the desired file format.
Add Noise to Image

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