Get a Black and White Filter Instantly

Convert the image to black and white and get a vintage photo instantly with Fotor's black and white filter for free. Express the most authentic and natural aesthetic art in the simplest way.

add black and white effct to a female image

Get a Black & White Visual Effect Easily

three skyscrapers in three different colors
three skyscrapers in black and white effect

With Fotor’s black and white filter, you can show your great artistic creativities in various graphic occasions such as natural landscapes, portraits, animals, and products. In Fotor's online photo editor, you can get a black and white visual effect with just one click. Open Fotor editor, find the B&W filter and apply it to make photo black and white immediately. Stand out with your perfect photos!

a picture with a female in b&w effect

Highlight Your Image with Black and White Filter

Adding a black and white filter to the particular part of your photo highlights your photos and makes your audience catch what you want to emphasize instantly. You can make it by applying a black and white filter and other picture editing tools in Fotor's online photo editor!

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black and white collage image with adjustment box

Add Black and White Filter to Photo with More Customization

Proper contrast, exposure and curve in your images make your design stand out. Once you have converted your photo into black and white, you can use other editing tools in Fotor's online editor to decorate and beautify your images. With this enhancement on your images, you can easily express your mood and create realistic visual effects.

Try B&W Filter

How to Add a B&W Filter to Your Image

  • Click the "Try B&W Filter" button on this page to open the photo editor.
  • Upload your photo by clicking "Open Image".
  • Click on “Effects” in the tool menu, then click on the “B&W” effect.
  • Look through all black and white filters, and choose the one you like.
  • Slide the intensity slider to adjust the filter effect. Then click on “Apply”.
  • Click "Adjust" to do more basic adjustments. Change intensity, contrast, brightness, exposure, and so on.
  • When you're satisfied with your photo, click “Download” to save your edited photo. Enter the photo file name, and choose PNG or JPG formats with different photo resolutions and qualities.
Try B&W Filter

Convert Your Images into Black and White for Free

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