Free Online Black and White Filter

Convert the image to black and white and get a vintage photo instantly with Fotor's black and white filter for free. Express the most authentic and natural aesthetic art in the simplest way.

add black and white effct to a female image

Get a Black and White Photo Instantly

Photo of a womans eyes
Grayscale photo of a womans eyes
Modern building
Black and white modern building
Photo of a puppy lying on the ground
Black and white photo of a puppy lying on the ground
Grayscale photo of a womans eyes
Black and white modern building
Black and white photo of a puppy lying on the ground

Instantly give your photos a classic, elegant look with Fotor’s black and white converter. All you have to do is upload a picture and choose from one of our black and white filters. You can also customize it by adjusting the brightness, contrast, exposure, and a lot more different options. The best part? Your image always stays in a high resolution despite whatever changes you make! Try it out to convert a photo into black and white for something timelessly beautiful.

a picture with a female in b&w effect

Highlight Your Image with Black and White Filter

Adding a black and white filter to the particular part of your photo highlights your photos and makes your audience catch what you want to emphasize instantly. You can make it by applying a black and white filter and other picture editing tools in Fotor's online photo editor!

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Add text to black and white photo with Fotor

Convert Images to Black and White with More Customization

Convert image to black and white with full customization options available with Fotor’s black and white editor. With just a few clicks, you can add stickers to photos, add text, photo frames and borders, flip photos, apply photo effects, adjust contrast and exposure, fine-tune color temperature and tone, and much more. We give you everything at your disposal to help you get the results you’re looking for.

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Make a black and white female portrait on fotor photo editor app

Black and White Filter App on the Go

Fotor is the ultimate addition to your black and white photography arsenal. This powerful photo editor app offers stunning monochrome filters to take your work to the next level. Apply four B&W effects to add unique and elegant touches to your photos. The preset settings can reveal changes over lighting and skin tone with a single click and get professional quality B&W effect in an instant.

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How to Make a Picture Black and White?

  • Click the "Try B&W Filter" button on this page to open the photo editor. Then upload your photo by clicking "Open Image".
  • Click “Effects and Filters” and select “B&W” effect. Select the desired photo filter you want.
  • You can adjust parameters like intensity, contrast, brightness, exposure, etc. to make image black and white according to your liking.
  • Once you are happy with the results click on “Download” and get high resolution black and white photos in no time!
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When to Use Black and White Filter?

PortraitsLandscapeStill LifeProductArchitecture
Make portraits photo black and white with Fotor

Take Portraits to the Next Level

Black and white portraits have been popular for decades. If you want to make soulful monochrome portraits, Fotor’s black and white photo editor has your back. With just a single click, you can create stunning black and white pictures of people in a snap. You don’t need to spend hours in Photoshop!

Make landscape photo black and white with Fotor

Make details of Landscape Photos Clearer

Black and white filter can make the finer details of your landscape photos stand out easily, such as composition, lines, contrast, different textures and shapes. Browse through our black and white filters to find one that best suits your landscape photo then give it a new perspective!

Make still life photo black and white with Fotor

Add Depth to Still Life Photos

Black and white still life photos convey more depth as they have no distraction of color. Highlight the right angles of your photos as you turn them into a grayscale image. Fotor’s B&W photo filters make it easy to bring out the finer details with various customization options.

Add black and white filter to watch product photo

Give Timeless Aesthetic to High-End Products

For high-end or luxury products, a black and white filter can emanate a sense of timeless and elegant aesthetics. It eliminates any color distractions, and lets the designs, craftsmanship, and details of products exude their glamour. This is especially beneficial for items like jewelry, haute couture, and premium home decor, etc.

Add balck and white filter to architecture buliding photo

Display Lines & Textures of In/Outdoor Designs

When photographing architecture buildings or interior designs, black and white can highlight the lines, shapes, and textures of environment. It endows a classic and exquisite outlook that pretty suitable for showcasing buildings and indoor spaces with complicated designs.


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