Face in Hole Effect

Place your face in a hole of diverse scenarios and unlock magic transformation to different characters with Fotor’s face-in-hole effects. Turn yourself or friends into a superhero, celebrity, or other enchanting characters for fun.

Insert female face into photo of anither female with curly hair scenario in fotor
Insert female face in the hole of the female scenario with falling maples around

Instantly Replace Face in Photo Online Free

Adding your face to picture has never been easier before with our face-in-hole tool. All you need is to upload your selfie, choose a scenario template, or upload your scenario, and our face-in-hole tool will surprisingly insert your face into the target scenario with a face swap. Say goodbye to the complicated photo editing tasks using our easy-to-use face-in-hole effect. Click the button to transform your photos effortlessly now!

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Insert two male faces in the photo of face in hole scenario from fotor

Entertain Your Friends with Face in Hole Tool

Explore endless fun with our face-in-hole tool. Seamlessly place faces on the bodies of movie or comedy characters to delight and entertain your friends. Choose a humorous scenario and edit your or your friend’s face into it to create hilarious images effortlessly. Or even bring your meme creation ideas into reality with your own faces for more laughs using Fotor. Now explore our face-in-hole tool to craft entertaining props for endless fun with your friends!

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Use fotor face in hole tool to virtual try on chothes and hairstyle

Insert Face into Picture for Virtual Hairstyle & Costume Try-on

Say farewell to time-consuming photo editing for virtual hairstyle or clothes try-ons. Let our face-in-hole tool simply and speed up the process. Upload two images to our tool - one for your selfie, the other for the target costume or hairstyle. Then, our tool will automatically visualize your new look by seamlessly inserting your face into the picture online. Unlock your fresh look effortlessly with Fotor!

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Use fotor face in hole tool to experience christmas and halloween costume

Put Face on Picture for Holiday Cheer

Embrace holiday cheer with your own holiday-themed pictures using Fotor’s online face-in-hole tool. Save on expensive studio shoots for your holiday portraits, as our tool can seamlessly insert faces into pictures online. Whether you desire a Halloween or Christmas-themed snapshot, our face-in-hole effect covers you all. Whenever the holidays approach, leverage Fotor to effortlessly edit your images and even craft custom cards for spreading festive cheer!

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Add female face into the travelling scenario

How to Use Face in Hole Tool?

  • Click the “Try Free Face-in-Hole Tool” button to get started.
  • Upload your or your friend’s selfie to our tool.
  • Find your desired face-in-hole scenario on the right menu bar, or you can upload your own scenario.
  • Then, our tool will automatically insert face in picture online for free and transform you into target characters in seconds.
  • Download and share your images with families or friends as needed.
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