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Restoring Old Photo Effectively: Using Photoshop and Fotor

old photos and an old camera

Because the previous technology is relatively backward. In the past time, we can only take photos to keep our smiles and memories. But old printed photos have a limited lifespan because the quality of photo paper and ink is much lower than it is today.

That's why, when you look at these old photos, you may find that the ink faded, the edges fringed, stains and even scratches and stains everywhere.The photos may fade, but feeling and memories would not. So, can we repair old photos now? The answer is yes.

How to restore old photos? It costs a lot to give the old photos to a professional photo repair specialist. Luckily, it’s not a must to bring your photos to them, you can try some tools to restore photos by yourself. There are two ways for you to choose.

How to Restore Old Photo in Photoshop?

restore a boy photo comparison in PS

PS is widely used in various kinds of picture editings. Therefore, he is also suitable for repairing old photos. Here's the steps to restore old photos in PS:

1. Import the original photo into Photoshop.Bring your scanned image into Photoshop. Your image will become your background layer. Lock it without making any adjustments to the layer.

2. Create a new layer. This blank layer is where you make all the adjustments. When you place adjustments on a different layer from the original image, this means that you can make non-destructive edits-they do not change the original image, but just adjust it.

3. Use spot repair brushes to erase creases, repair tears in photos, and even remove defects caused by water damage and mold damage. In the options on the top toolbar, click sample all layers, and then select Content-Aware from the available types. Then, use the speckle repair brush to check the area you want to repair.

4. Use the Clone Stamp tool to smooth details or areas with rich textures. Press and hold Alt (or option on Mac) and click the area you want to sample. When you use this tool, make sure you select the "current layer and the layers below" so that you can work without damage.

5. Use a euro filter to color the photo. If you have a dark brown or black-and-white photo to color, create a new layer that contains all previous layers by clicking Control+Alt+Shift+E (on Windows) or Command+Option+Shift+E (on Mac). Then click filter > Neurofilter > Color. Set the blending mode to color so that you can make non-destructive edits on the new color layer.

6. Export the photos you restored. You can save the image in JPG, TIFF, PNG, or any other image file format of your choice.

In order to restore old photos, Photoshop may be the first program that comes to mind. However, although the software is rich in features, it’s difficult and costs a lot to learn. So instead of hiring the Adobe giant, consider using Fotor. This is a powerful online photo editor, but it is easy to master.

How to Restore Old Pictures in Fotor?

restore an old family photo in fotor

Fotor’s online photo enhancer helps you enhance photo quality instantly. Enhance colors, reduce blur, increase sharpness, remove haze, highlight focus, and more. Here are the steps:

1. Open Fotor's photo enhancer with the image you want to edit.

2. Click "1-Tap Enhance" from the left sidebar to enhance your image automatically and without losing quality.

3. You can always additionally refine your image by using Fotor’s built-in editing tools, including brightness, contrast, exposure, highlights, shadows, saturation, sharpness, curves, and more.

4. To compare your edited photo to the original, click the “Compare” button at the bottom of the canvas. If you don’t like the way it looks, you can reset your adjustments and revert to your original image.

5. After you finish editing, save and download your edited image with the desired file type.

Besides, there are many other features in Fotor, It covers various free online photo editing tools, so you can crop images, resize images, add text to photos, make photo collages, and create graphic designs easily.


Give a new life to old photos by restoring them. We shared two ways to restore old photos.You can easily rescue the old images that would be lost to the ravages of time. Each tool has its features, you can choose as you like, but if you are fresh about photo editing, Fotor would be better for you. The best part is all the editing is done completely online, so it’s not specific to any operating system. There are many robust tools to choose from.