How to Remove Drawing from Pictures Automatically for Free

Summary: Here, you will know the best photo eraser tool and how to remove drawing and other unwanted objects from pictures with it so as to cleanup pictures for free easily and automatically.

a man taking a luggage with beautiful sky in front and unwanted drawing on the cover

Is there any picture that you fall in love with everything wonderful in it including its beautiful scenery, the proper layout or high-definition quality? But sometimes you still can’t ignore a few shortcomings on it like drawings involving scribbles, blemishes, scratches or other unwanted objects.

And this time, Fotor - the Best Photo Eraser is already here with you to undo doodles or other unwanted objects easier and faster for free. With Fotor, you are able to have your photos retouched to the extent that suit your taste without the need of downloading any professional photo editor like Photoshop or costing a lot.

If you'd like to know how to remove drawing from pictures automatically for free, just have a look at our best image cleaner - Fotor! What's more, to remove unwanted objects from pictures is also avaliable there !

Fotor: Best Remove Object from Photo Online Tool

Are you always annoyed about the drawing that covers your beautiful pictures? Then Fotor - the best online image cleaner from photo tool can help you remove objects from photos easily and automatically. There, you will get a more stunning photo that looks pretty natural.

What’s more our best photo cleaner will help you handle a lot of things you need to do before such as defining the image, marking the unwanted items, deleting them and making everything look natural without any trace of editing within seconds.

With the help of our image cleaner, you don't need to take a lot of time to learn relevant skills and can remove things from pictures easily and automatically. Then job is well done and time saved, why not have a try?

Fotor web tool

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Remove Unwanted Objects Now

Remove Object from Photo with AI Power-based

With strong support of AI, this photo cleaner tool can help you cleanup pictures to perfection within few steps and great effect automatically.

Remove Scribbles from a Picture

If you are willing to, Fotor- the Best Photo Eraser would be your best choice to remove item from pictures such as scribbles and merely selecting the area and a click of the "removal" button can provide you with a more stunning photo.

Here, you can also gain the access to the advanced function which is specially designed for scribbles and blemishes removal.

a man standing on a rail with beautiful landscape behind and unwanted scribbles on the cover

Remove Scratches from Old Photos

With our best image cleaner, you are able to clean up image by erasing scratches from old photos to make them more clean and bring the memory of bygone days back to life. If you wish to cleanup pictures like this, just come to our image cleaner - Fotor !


Remove Clutter from Photos

Our best photo cleaner is especially suitable for you when you wish to highlight certain part of the photo. With our best photo eraser, you are able to clean up image from it such as clutters like trash cans, power lines, street signs and other unwanted things that spoil your photos.

Want to konw how to remove things from pictures? Please consider our best image cleaner in your first place !

Use Fotors photo object remover to remove clutter from photos

Remove Item from Picture like People, Shaow and Text

If you wish to remove unwanted objects for free like shadow, photobomer, and text. Fotor is also avaliable for you ! Just come here to remove item from picture, our best photo eraser will clean image for you until you are totally satisfied !

How to Remove Drawing and Unwanted objects from Pictures

Step1: Push the “Rmove Unwanted Objects Now” button.

Step1: Drag or upload your own image from your photo library

Step2: Use the brush to select the unwanted Object

Choose the size of your brush(ranging from size 0 to 100) to have a perfect match with the size of unwanted objects. Then just use it to draw over any items you wish to let go of.

Step3: Remove the object from Photos in one Tap

Click the Start Removing button, the best object remover online will process the object removal and make the background more filler to present a natural outlook and then you will see the final image that meets your heart's content.

Step4: Apply and download the photo

Fotor : Best Clean Up Pictures App

When you are on a vacation, you may take quite a lot of beautiful pictures right? However, not all these pictures are 100% perfect. A shadow or photobomber that draws the attention away may come into your view.

But you didn't take a computer with you to clean up pictures online. Don't worry, because Fotor - the Best Clean Up Pictures App is also avaliable both for Android and iOS. To remove things from pictures instantly for free there then you will optimize your photos for sharing.

No matter where you are, just download our best clean up pictures app, you are able to remove unwanted objects from photos free instantly and accurately and gain the photo that is perfect. Waite for no more, just upload our best clean up pictures app now !

Fotor web tool

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Remove Unwanted Objects Now


Fotor is the best photo eraser tool that renders you the service of removing drawing from pictures such as scribbles, blemishes, clutters and other unwanted objects like people, text and more.

Here, you will know how to remove an object from a picture both online and on our app for free. When you wish to cleanup pictures automatically, just upload Fotor or use it online! There, you are able to cleanup pictures as you imagine !

Now, just come to our best photo eraser to materialize your imaginary world of pictures!