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Effortlessly infuse a genuine and radiant smile into your photo using Fotor AI smile filter online.

Making your photos come alive with genuine smiles that light up the frame.

Use Fotor AI smile filyer to change the expression of a woman from serious to smiling
Add different smile effects to a female portrait with Fotors AI smile filter

Make Your Photo Look Happy with an AI Smile Filter

Creating the perfect smile is a significant challenge in capturing a portrait. However, with Fotor AI smile generator, you can transform your serious expression into a happy smiley face in seconds. Whether it's a light smile or a toothy grin, Fotor enhances your photos with an authentic and natural expression of happiness. Change your facial expression for a perfect smile on photo with Fotor now!

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Add smile to a man portrait with Fotors AI smile filter

Add Smile to Photo Easily

Fotor makes it easy for you to add smile to photo. Simply upload your selfie or portrait, our AI smile generator will automatically recognize and detect details in your photo and apply a smile filter to your photo. Witness the expression transformation in seconds. Creating a warm and genuine smile has never been easier.

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Use Fotors AI smile generator to change a girls expression and add lip tint to perfect the smiling image

Perfect Your Smile Image

Take your smile to the next level with customizations. After applying the smile filter, you also possess the power to fine-tune every facet with our AI beauty tools. Brighten your teeth with a touch of magic, effortlessly enhancing the radiance of your smile. Add lipstick that complements your unique style and personality. With a few clicks, you can effortlessly enhance your smiley face.

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Share an AI smiley face image on social media platforms

Share Your Smiley Face on Social Media

Explore the trending smile filter online and watch as your snapshots come to life with infectious vibrancy. Captivating your audience by sharing your cute and funny smile on Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, and more. Spreading delight with your family and friends today!

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Turn female facial exoression into sad using Fotors AI sad face filter

More Than a Smiling Filter

Explore different expression transformations beyond just smiling using our cutting-edge AI face filter. With the sad face filter, You can turn a smiling face into a funny crying face. Explore the passage of time using our baby filter and old filter, experiencing younger and older versions of yourself online.

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Use Fotors online AI smile filter to change a girls expression

How to Add Smile Filter?

  • Click the “Apply Free Smile Filter” to get started.
  • Next, upload your selfie or portrait to our smile photo editor.
  • And our smiling filter will automatically turn your facial expression into a smiley face.
  • You can perfect your smile with teeth whiting tool and other beauty tools.
  • Finally, preview and share your smiling image on social media.
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