Create an AI Design

Create professional and unique AI graphic designs with our AI design generator in seconds. Easily generate AI logos, graphics, posters, and even interior design, without any design skill.

Save your time and spend it on creativity.

AI generated movie poster and logo designs
Two AI generated logos including a badge and a round logo in black color in Fotor

AI Logo Design

A professional logo is a necessary element to promote your brand to take off. Whether you want to create a business logo or a 3d logo, you can find inspiration here! Within seconds, our AI logo generator will create an AI logo design that can be seamlessly incorporated into various products, business cards, packaging, and more. Captivate your target audience with an eye-catching AI-generated logo and boost your business.

Generate Logo with AI
Four AI generated avatars

AI Avatar Design

Create eye-catching avatar assets instantly without any design experience and expensive fees. Our AI avatar generator offers different generation modes and graphic styles to meet your needs for different avatar types to be used on different social media platforms, including anime avatar, realistic avatar, 3d avatar, and VRChat avatar. Try it now!

Make an AI Design
Two AI generated interior designs

AI Interior Design

Leverage the power of the AI designer tool to effortlessly create sophisticated and professional AI interior designs. Get inspired with AI-generated interior designs that showcase your unique style and captivate the attention of anyone who sets foot in the space.

Make an AI Design
Two AI generated architecture designs

AI Architecture Design

Designing 3D architectural models used to be a time-consuming and specialized task. However, Fotor revolutionizes this procedure and makes 3D model creation a breeze. No matter which architectural style you prefer, Fotor can bring your vision to life. Say goodbye to creative fatigue, using AI design maker to generate creative AI architectural designs has never been easier.

Make an AI Design
AI generated makeup sale poster design

AI Poster Design

Fotor offers a wide array of imaginative AI poster design ideas. Unlock your creativity and design various types of professional posters with AI. Whether it's an advertisement poster, event poster, product poster, art poster, or any other type, Fotor has got you covered!

Make an AI Design
AI generated perfume chair and headphone

AI Product Design

Designing products is no longer a problem. Tell Fotor your design concept, and get eye-catching, best-selling AI product designs in seconds. Moreover, Fotor also enables you to design packaging for your products without professional image rendering skills. With Fotor's user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly bring your product ideas to life and enhance their visual appeal.

Make an AI Design

AI Design Generator Suitable for All

Make an AI Design

How to Create an AI Design?

  • You can easily create an AI design with Fotor. Firstly, click the button "Make an AI Design" to the AI design tool, and click the green button "Generate" to get started.
  • Type the detailed descriptions of the AI graphic design you want in the text bubble.
  • Select the “Anime” style and adjust the parameters, including ratios, details, light effects, and more in the left toolbox.
  • Click “Generate” once you have finished your descriptions and adjustment.
  • Download your AI generated design in HD file format and share it online.
Make an AI Design

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