3D Mockup Generator

Visualize and test design options with the 3D mockup generator from Fotor. Generate mockups online for ebook covers, T-shirts, and roll-up banners to showcase designs in a visually appealing way!

An ai generated 3d computer and cup mockups from fotor 3d mockup generator
A 3d wall art mockup generated in fotor ai 3d mockup generator from entered prompt

Free 3D Mockup Generator from Text

Tell our 3D mockup generator what you want, and amazing mockup images will be output under the “3D” mode in a few seconds. Our AI generator requires no 3D mockup experience, saving time and money on professional mockup software or 3D mockupers.

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A 3d engaging instagram post mockup from fotor 3d mockup generator

Engaging Presentations with 3D Mockups

Our 3D mockup maker offers engagement presentations or virtual realizations of your products or designs. From the phone mockup to Instagram post mockups, the online mockup generator from Fotor ensures you have immersive 3D mockups before release. Give our 3D mockup generator a try!

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Two 3d book cover mockups generated in fotor online ai 3d mockup maker

Realistic Book Cover Mockup

Before having DIY book covers or printing out the books, use our 3D book mockup generator to make sure the whole design is visually eye-catching to attract potential readers. Or use our 3D mockup generator to see the 3D book mockup design and make decisions about the publications.

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A 3d t shirt mockup and a final t shirt design

T-Shirt Mockup Generator

Fotor allows you to use its 3D mockup generator to get T-shirt mockups before investing in a large print run. Our online free T-shirt mockup generator outputs 3D free T-shirt mockups to test and refine your T-shirt design in order to win over customers and markets.

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Generate a 3d white tshirt mockup from text in fotor ai 3d mockup generator

How to Create a 3D Mockup in Fotor?

  • Click the “Use 3D Mockup Creator” button to get started.
  • Type the detailed prompt of the 3D mockup usage you need in the text bubble. Then click the “Generate” button to create your mockup image.
  • Choose the “3D” mode for the 3D mockup images.
  • Generate again or adjust the prompt if you are not satisfied until get the best online 3D mockups.
  • Preview and click the “Download” button on the right corner to save your AI mockup image.
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