3D Avatar Creator Free Online

Design personalized 3D avatars effortlessly with Fotor free AI avatar creator. Get creative and bring your unique 3D character to life in just a couple of clicks.

Anime realistic and cartoon style female 3d avatars made by fotor 3d avatar creator
Convert text to silver hair girl with orange flower on head

Get Professional 3D Avatar in Minutes

Unlock the power of professional-grade 3D avatars in just minutes with Fotor 3D avatar creator. Just put your photos into Fotor, choose the 3D style, and you can automatically get the avatar from photo in seconds. It’s also available for you to generate 3D avatar from text prompt. Fotor user-friendly interface puts the power of 3D avatar design at your fingertips.

Make 3D Avatar
Three female 3d avatars for facebook instagram and twitter

Create Personalized 3D Avatar for Your Accounts

Enhance your online presence like never before with Fotor online AI avatar generator. Creating stunning 3D avatars for your social media accounts that perfectly represent your unique identity. Fotor offer multiple options for you to effortlessly design and customize 3D avatar in minutes and captivate your audience.

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Transform woman portrait into 3d avatar with fotor 3d avatar creator

Boost Business or Brand With 3D Avatar Generator

Make your business or brand soar with Fotor's 3D avatar maker. Stand out from the competition, engage your audience, and make a memorable connection. Whether it's a marketing campaign, social media branding, or an interactive presentation, our avatar maker allows you to create stunning 3D avatars that enhance your brand impact. Start elevating your brand today!

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Two man avatar for games

3D Avatar for Game

Craft your personalized 3D avatars to elevate your gaming experience with Fotor’s free 3D avatar creator. From RPGs to virtual worlds, our gaming avatar maker lets you create dynamic 3D game characters with details. With our user-friendly interface and extensive customization options, bringing your 3D avatar game fantasies to life has never been easier with Fotor 3D character creator.

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Man 3d avatar on live

3D Vtuber Avatar

Transform into an enchanting avatar with Fotor AI Vtuber maker. Seamlessly integrate your VTuber character into live streams, videos, and social media platforms to create an engaging avatar for entertainment and attract the audience. Join the world of VTubing and unlock endless possibilities with Fotor's AI character creator.

Make 3D Avatar
Design female 3d vatar in fotor

How to Make a 3D Avatar?

  • Click the “Make 3D Avatar” button to the avatar 3D page, and click the green button "Generate" to get started.
  • Select the "From Image" option on the left dashboard. Upload or drag and drop the image you want to make into 3D avatar. Wait for a second, you will get three photos of 3D avatar in different styles.
  • You can also generate an avatar from the text. Click the option "From Text" on the left. And type your detailed descriptions of the avatar you want in the text bubble.
  • Preview and save your AI avatar by clicking the download icon and then you can share it online.
Make 3D Avatar