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Design professional Posters in all types with online AI poster generator by Fotor. Guide your poster design to the next level and increase work efficiency based on AI.

Ai ads poster movie poster and product poter from fotor ai poster generator

Save Time and Get More Creative Ideas with AI Poster

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Integrate generated photo and text to a poster

Get Personalized AI Poster Design in Minutes

Spend less time transforming your ideas into graphic poster design with our online AI poster maker. Just put your post information and photo into AI poster maker, Fotor will identify the text and image and then you can get infinite generated poster templates in all types. Upload an image to get your first AI poster design now!

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Generate lipsticks image and convert to ads poster with pink background

Integrate Poster with AIGC for More Inspiration

Lack of photo or elements materials for your poster design? Fotor AI generator can be the best solution! It supports generating any picture or element images from text or photos as the poster material. Combine AI generator with poster templates to optimize your poster designs efficiently!

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Green sale poster with color palettes and font box

Adapt Poster Themes with Color Palettes

In order to help users to get suitable theme posters, Fotor supports color palette generator for generated random poster designs. You can limit or change the poster template theme by selecting the color palettes, allowing you to create the desired AI poster faster and easier. More customized options are also available in Fotor.

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Generate happy birthday poster with cake in fotor ai image generator

How to Create Poster with AI?

  • Click “Create AI Poster Now” button to get started.
  • Type the detailed descriptions of the AI poster design or elements you want in the text bubble.
  • Select the “Styles” of the image and adjust the parameters in the right toolbar.
  • You can also choose the poster templates to customize and add the photo or elements you have just generated in AI image generator.
  • Preview and save your poster by clicking the “Download” button in the top right corner.
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